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Best Watermelon Cutting Knife to Have in Your Kitchen

At times, a regular homestead mother might feel annoyed cutting watermelon with a regular kitchen knife as this particular kitchenware is not especially designed for this purpose. It can take more time, waste chunks while peeling off, and even can cut your fingers while lifting this gigantic heavy fruit.

The summer is already here or is close. Watermelon is one of the most enjoyable summer fruits. Every one of us would love to have a sweet melon wedge while sitting by the pool or at the beach. Not only is it a fun fruit, but it is also a great source of potassium and vitamin C which are both quite beneficial for the human body.

Top Watermelon Cutting Knives

The problem that most people face is cutting a watermelon into equal wedges because it is quite hard to cut through these giant fruits. Watermelons have thick skin, which is why you need to have a sharp and sturdy knife to cut out a stick, wedges, pizza round, cookie, or cube shapes. If you try to cut a melon with a common kitchen knife, it will probably bend or break. In that case you need a best knife for cutting watermelon.

Here in this article Knifier a brief review of some of the most popular and useful watermelon-cutting knives you can buy from Amazon. But before that, let us find out:

Best Knife for Cutting Watermelon | Seven Popular Choices!

Cut the Perfect Melon Wedges!

There are over hundreds of different watermelon slicers and knives available on Amazon, but here we have shortlisted the most top-rated options for you!

1. Kuhn Rikon Red/Green Melon Knife – Best Knife to Cut Watermelon

The first option in our list is the Kuhn Rikon Red Melon Knife which is considered to be quite efficient for cutting watermelons. The knife has a custom melon design which makes it an attractive choice for buyers.

This watermelon cutting knife has a very high-quality blade which is made up of Japanese steel. The edges of this knife are serrated, which helps you cut through a hard watermelon without much effort.

Kuhn Rikon Red

The handle and grip of this knife are also quite sturdy and made of non-slippery material. You can easily cut through melons and other fresh fruits without cramping.

The best thing about this 11-inch large blade which makes it is a perfect option for cutting giant and juice melons without creating a mess. The knife is quite easy to use, which is why we have placed it as the number one contender in this list.

Sturdy blade and handlesSerrated edges need to be sharpened quite often
Easy to useThe large size of the blade makes it an unsafe choice for rookies
Watermelon color tone
Value for money 
Safety cover for the blade

2. Joseph-Joseph Chef’s Watermelon Slicer

The second popular choice in our list is the Joseph-Joseph Watermelon Paring Knife. This knife is not only perfect for cutting hard melons but also for other products, including vegetables, meat, etc.

This watermelon knife has a sleek design and comes in a black color which makes it an attractive kitchen tool for professional chefs! 

Chef’s Watermelon Slicer

Chef’s Watermelon Slicer

Kitchen tool for professional chefs

This knife is made up of stainless steel material and has a non-stick silicone boated blade. This non-corrosive knife is best for cutting through fresh items because it doesn’t have a non-metallic taste.

The knife comes with a protective sheath which can cover the knife when not being used. On the protective sheath, you would also find a ceramic sharpener that can conveniently sharpen the knife before it is used. Other than this, you can also find a rubber handle which makes its place on the list of Top watermelon cutting knife. 

Affordable optionThe 6’ inch length of the blade is considered to be small for cutting through big melons
Easy to holdWeak blade edges
LightweightNo Warranty
Easy-to-clean design
Protective sheath

3. Mercer M22608 Watermelon Knife

Another high-quality watermelon cutter knife is Mercer Millennia Chef’s Knife. This knife is famous because of its high carbon steel blade material, which makes it a strong tool.

The blade of this knife is crafted in a single stainless steel piece which is why it is low to maintain and has long-lasting sharpness. It is best for cutting watermelons, dicing, mincing, crushing, and shredding different products.

Mercer M22608 Watermelon Knife

Mercer M22608 Watermelon Knife


This knife has a superior design which makes it a more durable and safer option. The ergonomic handle design of this knife also gives it a non-slippery texture and added comfort for the user. You can buy this knife in four different blade lengths, including 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

Santoprene handle Plain edges
Value for moneyNo safety covers
Available in different sizesNeeds to be sharpened before use
Best for multiple jobs
Easy to clean 

4. Imarku Sharp Santoku Chef’s Knife

One of the premium options in this list is Imarku’s Ultra Sharp Santoku Knife. The built quality of this knife is slightly better than other options in this list. This is mainly because it is made up of German HC Stainless steel. 

The material used in this knife can easily resist discoloration, corrosion, and rust. It can easily cut through giant watermelons and all other fruits and vegetables. The Imarku knife is best for both home and commercial use.

Santoku Chef’s Knife

Santoku Chef’s Knife

German HC Stainless steel

The ultra-sharp edges of this knife are quite impressive, and they make it sharper than other options in this list. The blade length of this knife is 7 inches, and its thickness is 2.5mm which makes it a sturdy option.

The knife can be used for slicing, dicing, and mincing, and this is all because of its strong blade and scalloped hollow edges. The edges provide an added gap between the knife and the product being cut, which keeps the material from sticking to the knife. 

The handle of this knife is also better than others in this league because of its advanced packed wood material. The material used in the handle is quite stable, well-balanced, smooth, and sanitary.

Premium German HC steelNo safety covers
Easy to steer No size options are available
Strong grip and handleSlightly high in cost
Sharp blade and edges Needs to be sharpened quite often
Long and thick blade
Long life

Best Knife for Cutting Cantaloupe | Ideal Knives for Cutting Through Rockmelons!

Cantaloupe which are commonly known as rockmelon or sweet melon have a harder shell than the watermelon itself. If you like cantaloupes more than the juicy melons, it is best to have the right tools that can help you cut through them. Here are some of the best watermelon knives that can help you with this tough job!

i. Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Wavy Edge Serrated Knife

The mercer culinary knife has a 10-inch blade which is quite efficient against cutting rockmelons. This serrated knife is best knife to cut watermelon as it has a strong blade made up of stainless steel material. A single piece of Japanese steel is used in the construction of the knife which makes it easy to use and maintain.

Millennia Wavy Edge Serrated Knife

Millennia Wavy Edge Serrated Knife

10-Inch Blade

This knife has a quite superior ergonomic design and offers a non-slippery grip. The knife provides comfort, durability and safety which makes it a popular choice for cutting hard fruits and meat.

The ideal uses of this knife include cutting fruits, veggies, meat loaf, and hard bread loafs. The knife is best for both professional chefs and home cooks. 

10-Inch bladeThe blade of the knife is dull and needs sharpening before use
Santropene handle materialIf not cleaned, the blade can get rusty
Easy to manage
Full tang provides good balance
Affordable price range

ii. GAINSCOME Chinese Chef’s Knife for Cutting Watermelon

This is a very simple yet sharp and long watermelon knife which you can use to cut through cantaloupes. This is the best knife for cutting honeydew melons. The knife is made up of high carbon stainless steel which makes it best for tough cutting and chopping tasks. 

The razor sharp blade knife is made up of high quality steel which is why you don’t have to worry about rust, discoloration or any kind of corrosion which can make it unhygienic.

Chef’s Knife for Cutting Watermelon

Chef’s Knife for Cutting Watermelon

Razor Sharp Blade

This knife has a single-edge blade with  taper ground and a fine stone finish. The blade provides a V-shaped cutting edge and a sharp cutting experience. The handle design of this knife is quite user-friendly. The handle is made up of beech wood material which gives a comfortable as well as a non-slippery grip.

The thing that we like most about this watermelon cutter knife is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Razor sharp bladeNo protective sheath
Ergonomic designNeeds sharpening before use
Limited warranty
8-Inch Blade

iii. Farberware 5253303 Edgekeeper Serrated Knife for Watermelons

This is the third serrated knife in the list for cutting through rockmelons. The knife is manufactured by Farberware which is quite famous in the knife manufacturing industry. The blade of this knife is crafted with superior quality carbon steel which is far better than stainless steel material used in the conventional knives. The high quality blade increases the sharpness, strength and life of the knife. 

Edgekeeper Serrated Knife for Watermelons

Edgekeeper Serrated Knife for Watermelons

Edgekeeper Technology

The knife is best for cutting through hard shell watermelon and other tough food items because of its serrated blade. The full tang design and comfortable handles add to the strength of this knife and make it one of the best choices for precise cutting.

We have added it to the list of the best knife for cutting watermelon because it comes with a lifetime warranty for quality. In addition to this, the knife comes with a built-in sharpener which you can sharpen it before use every once in a while.

Edgekeeper technology
High quality stainless steel
Serrated edges
Easy to maintain 
Comfortable grips and handles
Built-in sharpener

Let us get back to the list of the best knives for cutting giant and juicy watermelons!

5. Good Cook Stainless Steel Watermelon Knife (Fancy Knife)

The Good Cook Watermelon Cutter and Slicer is another tool purposely built to cut giant melons! This is both an affordable and high-quality option. The length and ridged edges of this knife make it a reliable option to cut through even the hardest watermelons.

The knife blade is made up of stainless steel and comes with a dual tone same as the watermelon. 

Stainless Steel Watermelon Knife

Stainless Steel Watermelon Knife

Good Cook Watermelon Cutter

This knife has a 15.5 inches long blade which is larger than any other knife listed here. The ridged edges on the blade help you cut through a complete melon without putting much force. Because of the length of the knife, the handles given are also quite strong, which makes them easier to handle. If you are looking for a knife specifically to cut giant and tough skin cantaloupes, then you can order this one. 

Large blade for easy cuttingHandle/grip gets loosened
Attractive color toneThe color of the knife may fade away after some time
Easy to useNeeds to be sharpened very often
Value to moneyNot easy to clean because of ridged edges
Gettable item 
Protective sheath available

6. VG10 Slicing Knife, 16 inch Japanese Carving Knife

This is another sharp and sturdy watermelon cutting knife which can help you cut equal slices. This serrated knife is made up of Japanese stainless VG10 steel which makes it one of the best knife to cut watermelon. You can also use it for cutting the meat or choose another option to select the best meat cutting knife. This knife is manufactured by the famous manufacturers dream reach which is why you don’t have to worry about any quality concerns.

VG10 Slicing Knife

VG10 Slicing Knife

Razor Sharp Blade

The blade length of this knife is around 16-inches which makes it an ideal slicer for big cantaloupes. The handle of this knife has an ergonomic full tang design which makes it comfortable for your palm. The knife comes with a non-slippery handle material which reduces chances of any injuries. 

The thing that we liked most about this watermelon cutting knife is its huge blade size which is ideal for cutting tough skin melons. Also, know that this knife comes with a limited time warranty. You can get a full refund or can get a free replacement if you want any quality issues in the knife. 

Premium material VG10 steelExpensive
Rustporoof and durableNo protective sheath
Razor sharp bladeLarge size of blade can be difficult to manage for rookies
Unique hand forged structure
Firm grip
Convenient to hold and use

7. Choxila Watermelon Slicer Cutter (2-in-1)

This is not just a knife but a 2-in-1 set which includes a cutter-slicer and a fork. This is one of the most practical tools for those of you who want to enjoy watermelon on picnics. This tool can be used to cut/slice watermelons into small cubes and the fork can afterwards be used for eating. 

Both the watermelon cutter and the forks are designed and manufactured with stainless steel material which makes them durable to use and protects them from all kinds of corrosions. The high quality material used in this watermelon slicer also makes it safe for dishwashers. 

Choxila Watermelon Slicer Cutter

Choxila Watermelon Slicer Cutter


The extended handle on the cutter cum fork allows the user to easily cut wedges into cubes. Overall this watermelon slicing tool is quite sharp and has a very strong build. This slicer can help users make watermelon salad with complete ease.

The thing you would like most about this slicer is that it comes with a quality guarantee. Choxila provides quality assurance to all its customers. If you find any quality issues in the slicer you can get their help in less than 24 hours.

All in one watermelon gadget setCannot be used for any other purpose other than slicing watermelons
Easy to use
Quality Guarantee
Stainless Steel material
Simple and sleek design

How to Cut a Watermelon?

If you have no prior experience in cutting watermelons and want to cut your cantaloupe in equal pieces, you would first of all need the best knife for watermelon. You can pick any of the above mentioned watermelon knives or watermelon slicers. Follow these steps to cut the perfect watermelon sticks/cubes.

  1. Rinse the watermelon thoroughly before cutting and let it dry
  2. Slice the watermelon in half (crosswise) to get two equal circular pieces
  3. Cut off the stem end 
  4. Now place the watermelon on the cut side on your cutting board
  5. Cut down the white flesh/melon skin. Get to the dark pink side of the melon.
  6. Keep slicing until you have removed all the rind
  7. Now once you have the pink flesh of the melon, you can cut it into three pieces
  8. Slice the watermelon further into sticks and then into cubes
  9. Chill the wedges/slices/cubes in the fridge and enjoy!

This is how you can slice a watermelon and enjoy its juiciness to the fullest. Make sure you have the following tools when you cut watermelon:

  • Best watermelon cutting knife
  • Large cutting board
  • Storage containers

Frequently Asked Queries!

Before you spend money on watermelon knife, it is important that you read out commonly asked questions:

What are the Different Ways to Cut Watermelon using a Watermelon Knife?

There are different ways to cut watermelons. These include sticks, chunks, balls, wedges. Watermelon knives also come in different types. Some are designed to cut smooth slices/wedges, whereas some are designed to scoop melon balls. Before you buy a knife for watermelons, it is best that you check out its design and for what cutting method it is perfect.

What Should be the Ideal Blade Length of the best knife for cutting watermelon?

When buying a watermelon knife, it is best that you go for a longer blade. The longer the blade length would be, the deeper you would be able to cut into the melon. If the blade length is short, then you would have to put in more effort to cut the melon in half. The ideal range is between 8 to 12- inches

Can I Use the Regular Kitchen Knife for Cutting Watermelons?

As we have explained earlier, watermelons have hard shells, and it is quite hard to cut through them with the regular kitchen knives. Using regular cutting knives would require more force, and there is also a chance that the knife would break. It is best that you choose a watermelon knife that has a stainless steel blade. The stainless steel knives are not only strong but are also designed to resist corrosion. These knives are safe to use with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Can you cut a watermelon with an electric knife? LSI

When you are cutting through a watermelon, you would need to apply some force which is why you need to buy a knife with a strong build as the rind is difficult to cut through. You can surely use an electric knife for cutting watermelon as it can get the work done smoothly and quickly. 

How much should you spend on the best watermelon knife?

A very important factor is the cost of the knife. When buying a knife for cutting watermelon or any other kitchen tool for that matter, you need to make sure that you go for affordable options. In our expert opinion, you can spend $20 to $60 when buying the best knife for cutting watermelon.

End Words

Here in this post, you can find a brief review of the seven most popular watermelon cutting knives. These knives are being used by thousands of people across the globe. Each of these knives has distinguishing features that make them better than others in different aspects. We hope that after reading this short review, you will be able to decide which is best knife for cutting watermelon for your kitchen!

Publish Date: February 17, 2023

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

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