List of Best Knives to Cut Frozen Meat

List of Best Knife for Cutting Frozen Meat

It is not an easy task to cut frozen meat as you have to put a lot of effort into chopping the flesh and slicing it. So, the best thing you can do is use a perfect knife that can be helpful to cut the frozen meat easily. But wait! Have you ever used these knives before? Do you have any idea which knife can be the best choice for slicing frozen meat? Clearly not! If you had enough information, why would you come here then?

You are obviously looking for a guide and we are here with a review of the best knife for cutting frozen meat. All these knives will be quite helpful for you in chopping hard and frozen meat with a small effort.

Top Knife Categories for Cutting Frozen Meat

Before we go deep and discuss the top-recommended knives for slicing frozen meat, it is more important to get an idea about the categories.

This will help you decide easily which type of blade you will purchase.

You may have to cut the flesh only for which you can use utility knives but when there are bones in the meat, utility knives will not be enough then.

Here are the top categories that can be considered for cutting frozen meat.

Meat Cleaver

Among the knife categories, a meat cleaver is considered a beast because it can be used to chop larger pieces and convert them into small chunks. Interestingly, this knife is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes, i.e. for heavy-duty as well as slicing meat only.

Butchers Knife

The butcher’s knife is an amazing option for cutting large pieces of meat into smaller ones. The sharp edge of the blade helps in stabbing the thicker pieces of the meat. This knife is also usable for different purposes as it can help you slice the frozen knife as well as separate the chicken pieces in one go.

Utility Knife

Also known as a chef knife, utility knives generally come with a plain blade and a smooth handle that makes it easy to grip and work quickly. This knife is also considered a perfect option for sawing through the hard frozen chicken, beef, and sausages or removing fat from there.

List of Best Knife For Cutting Frozen Meat – Our Top Picks

Here is a list of top knives that can help you cut frozen meat quite easily.

1. Butcher Knife, Gladiator Series – Dalstrong

Say goodbye to the efforts of sawing large pieces because this knife is right here for you to cut the big frozen pieces in a single cut. The high-quality blade and its sharpness make sure to work on the pieces even if they are fully hard. One of the best things that you get in this knife is that it comes with a long blade that helps in trimming the fat quite easily. If we talk about the blade of this knife, it is made of high-carbon steel that helps in maintaining its shine and sharpness.

Butcher Knife

Butcher Knife

High-Quality Blade

Quality steel that remains free of corrosionPremium product with a premium price tag
Comes with a 100% guaranteeNot useable for smaller meat chunks
Sharp and attractive blade

2. Meat Cleaver Butcher Axe Bone Chopper – Bladesmith

Axe in the kitchen! But believe me, it is quite worth it because you can take on heavy tasks with this tool and cut rigid flesh quite easily. The narrow and sharp blade of this knife allows slicing a big piece of flesh to break down in a single powerful blow. This amazing knife can be worthy even if there are bones and ribs in the meat. Once you start using it, you will not go for any other option.

Meat Cleaver Butcher

Meat Cleaver Butcher

Narrow & Sharp Blade

A thick blade that can be used for heavy tasksQuite heavy to use
Can deal with hard bones, ribs, and frozen meat
Sharp and reliable blade

3. Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife – MOSFiATA

MOSFiATA is an amazing stainless steel knife that is designed to cut heavy pieces of flesh quite easily. The shape of this knife is very attractive. It is perfectly made for expert chefs and can be used for daily activities in the kitchen. The handle of this knife has a very comfortable grip that makes it easy to use and keeps your wrist in a relaxed position all the time. The knife comes in a box and includes a pair of gloves that can keep your fingers protected and avoid any injury.

Super Sharp Professional Chef's Knife

Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife

Top-rated German Style

Top-rated German styleLittle expensive for a normal user
Comes with gloves to keep your fingers safe
Attractive shape and easy to handle
Rust-free steel that maintains its shine for a long time

Electric Knife to Cut Frozen Meat

Using a knife to cut frozen meat can be a handy option to chop the hard flesh but in the end, you will have to apply force while cutting the knife. If you have tons of meat to chop, it will take hours and you may get tired while cutting the meat. So, what would you do here to complete your task quickly? Well, for cutting the hard meat easily, you need to get help from an electric knife. Using this auto-knife, you can slice the flesh by just turning it on and it will automatically cut the meat without applying force.

Here we are going to talk about the best picks of electric knives to cut frozen meat and reduce your efforts.

i. Electric Knife for Carving Meats – Hamilton Beach

The electric knife by hamilton beach is an amazing tool that you need to keep in your kitchen for cutting hard flesh with zero effort. Though this knife is not perfect for slicing the thinnest meat, still you can produce clean slices with the help of this electric knife. The stainless steel blade of this knife is very sharp and you don’t even have to sharpen it after every usage.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle of this knife offers a firm grip so you can cut the meat accurately with the help of this knife. You can also protect your knife in the storage case. Here you store the knife, fork, and blade and keep them in a safe place.

Electric Knife for Carving Meats

Electric Knife for Carving Meats

Anti-slippery Rigid Handle

Can be perfect for cutting all kinds of meatsCan’t provide you with the thin slices
Anti-slippery rigid handle that you can hold firmly
Comes in a storage case so you keep it safe after usage
A serrated blade that can cut the meat precisely

ii. Electric Knife with Carving Blades – Homaider

The next product to continue this list is the Homaider electric knife that you can use to slice hard meat without any pressure. This lightweight knife set comes with a fork, meat blade, electric knife, and bread blade. So, this package can be a perfect knife to cut frozen meat. The best thing about this electric knife is that it comes with an 11-inches long blade. So, it can also penetrate into thick pieces of flesh quite easily.

With its low noise and vibration feature, you can cut the meat with this knife without getting irritated. On top of all the features you get in this knife, it comes with a 30 days refund warranty. That means if you get any defective piece, you can return it to the company and get your money back.

Electric Knife with Carving Blades

Electric Knife with Carving Blades

Fast & Precise Cutting

Fast and precise cutting without applying a lot of pressureThe bread blade chips on applying pressure
The dual safety lock feature keeps the blade of this knife locked and avoids any unintentional injury
You will not get disturbed by the noise or vibration
Covers 1 month’s warranty. You can ask for repair or even a refund if there is any fault in the electric knife

iii. Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Cutter Machine – XinChangShangMao

This is another amazing meat-slicing machine that you can use to chop frozen meat quite easily and save energy. You can adjust the thickness of the blade from 0.2mm to 25mm so it can help you cut the meat as per your requirement. This machine is very easy to clean. There is no need to worry about the rust factor while using this electric meat chopper because it is water resistant.

Along with all these benefits, you will also get free items with this knife that includes 1 piece of the blade, 10 pieces of meat bag, a knife stone, and a wrench. So, this all-in-one machine can be a perfect choice for cutting hard meat and vegetables precisely without applying pressure.

Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Cutter Machine

Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Cutter Machine

Value for Money

You can adjust the thickness of the blade manually as it goes from 0.2mm to 25mmMake sure to operate it safely or it can cause serious injury
Comes with free accessories that include a blade, knife stone, a wrench, and 10 meat bags 
Quite easy to clean 
Value for money

iv. Durable 8 Inch Stainless Steel 120 Volts and Watts – Chefman

Chefman electric knife is an amazing option that you can consider to cut into frozen meat easily. The ergonomic handle of this knife offers a firm grip and helps you cut the flesh perfectly. Other than that, the safety lock button prevents the machine from turning on unintentionally. The length of the blade is 8 inches so it can easily pierce into thick flesh as well and help you chop the hard meat effortlessly.

The handle of this knife is made of rubber that offers a smooth grip and allows you to work accurately without any issue of slipping the knife from your hand. The thing that makes this electric knife a better option is that it is dishwasher safe. After using the knife, you just have to press the button and release the blade from the machine. You can clean it manually or with the help of a dishwasher

You will get a 1-year warranty. So, if there is any fault in the material, you can ask for repair. This is the best thing that I love about this Knife.

8 Inch Stainless Steel 120 Volts and Watts

8 Inch Stainless Steel 120 Volts and Watts

Comfortable to Hold

Safety lock button protects you from any unintentional injuryBlade gets separate after some usage
Rubber handle makes it comfortable to hold 
Dishwasher safe knife. This feature makes it easy to clean
1 year warranty that makes it a safe option to use

v. Electric Knife with Cutting Board – Cuisinart

CEK-42 by Cuisinart is an amazing addition to the list of best electric knives that can help you chop frozen meat quite easily. With its streamlined blade, you can make thin chunks of meat without any effort. Moreover, the comfortable grip of this knife makes it an easy-to-carry option. For the security purpose, a lock is added on the side of the knife. So, you can lock the blade when it’s not in use.

Electric Knife with Cutting Board

Electric Knife with Cutting Board

3-years Warranty

Furthermore, you can take out the blade from the knife while cleaning it. This electric knife is also dishwasher safe so you can clean it quite easily. On top of all, you will get a 3-years warranty from here. So, if you get any issues with the knife in this long tenure, you can ask for repair.

Easy to clean as the knife is also dishwasher safeNot perfect option with crusty bread
Safety lock feature keeps you away from any unwanted injury
3-years warranty of material 
8-inches long blade that can cut thick pieces of flesh quite easily

4. Butcher Knife, SANI-SAFE Series, Dexter-Russell

This is one of the most affordable butcher knives that you can get from anywhere in the market without putting in any extra effort. The fat blade of this knife helps in prying the meat quickly with a single cut. You can get this tool at a very reasonable rate.

Butcher Knife


Affordable Price

Affordable price and can be bought from any shopNot fancy
Easy to handle and can be used for multiple purposesGets dull after sometime

5. Serrated Utility Knife, Gladiator Series – Dalstrong

The serrated knife is quite an attractive knife that has a beautiful shine. The build quality of this knife is perfect to increase its durability. An amazing thing about this knife is that it comes with a perfect handle and gives you precise control while working. Moreover, this knife also comes with a guarantee from the company that makes it a perfect option to spend money on.

Serrated Utility Knife

Serrated Utility Knife

Attractive Knife

Good for small pieces and deboningNot suitable for sawing large pieces of meat
Provides value for money
You will get a 100% guarantee from the company

Find the Right Knife for Frozen Meat

So far, we have discussed the list of the best knife For cutting frozen meat that can be used in the kitchen to deal with hard meat. Now the most important thing that you need to focus on is the elements that can help you find the best knife among a bunch. The reason is that you may not find these knives from a particular store so you would have to decide by yourself at that time.

Here we are going to tell you the crucial factors that must be taken care of while finding a perfect knife.

Material Used

Built quality always comes on the top when you are choosing any product and the same goes for knives. You will find knives made of carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, or high-carbon steel. Each of them will have its benefits. So, you have to find out which blade you are going to prefer and make sure it is durable and can be used for a long period.

Blade Length

Make sure that the length of the blade is large enough to stab heavy meat. That means the length of the blade should be at least 7 to 11 inches. Other than that, there are a lot of varieties of the blade so you need to focus on it as well. The blade should be sharp so you can do your job quite easily. 

Handle Grip

The grip of the knife is another important thing that can never be ignored. You have to choose such a tool that is built with a rigid handle. If you go for a slippery knife, it will not let you chop the meat and you may also get injured while working with a greasy tool.

Final Thoughts

Don’t say you have no need for a frozen meat-cutting knife. You will need it many times when you forget to take out the meat from the freezer and it becomes a hard stone. The best solution to handle these stubborn pieces of meat is by defrosting them. And if it is still difficult to cut the meat, you can get help from a knife.

Overall, a butcher’s knife is the best option to cut frozen meat as it offers versatility, robustness, and most importantly strength to work with heavy pieces. Lastly, be safe while cutting the frozen meat with these knives because they are very sharp and can cause serious injury if not used properly.

Publish Date: March 7, 2023

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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