Professionally Tested Petty Knives A Detailed Review for Buyers

Best Petty Knife | A Detailed Review for Buyers

If you ask about a knife that must be present in the kitchen all the time, it would be the petty knife. The knife is a mixture of chef and paring knives that are useful for multiple tasks in the kitchen. From cutting vegetables to slicing meat, this knife is quite useful because it is quite easy to use. It’s all because of the size of this tool.

The size of this knife is generally between 4.5 inches to 6 inches which makes it an ideal option for kitchen tasks. When choosing the best petty knives, people get confused because of the steel type and handle style.

To make it easy for you, we are here with a review of the best petty knife that is tested professionally and will be helpful for you for kitchen tasks.

Best Petty Knife to Check – Top Picks

1. Wasabi Black Utility Knife – Kai

Kai is one of the well-known brands that are famous for its quality blades at affordable prices. The wasabi black petty knife is among the best weapons because of its agile performance. Manufactured with daido 1K6 high-carbon steel offers a long-lasting shine to the blade and maintains its beauty.

Other than that, the handle is made of bamboo which makes it non-slippery. You can cut vegetables and fruits with this knife without any threat of falling from your hand. People mostly prefer this knife because of its flexibility. Moreover, this lightweight tool never lets you feel tired while doing the job.

The 6-inch blade used in this knife makes it easy to cut the items easily. You can slice the food in a single go without any additional effort. You will also get a lifetime warranty from the company. So, if the knife gets damaged at some point, you can return it to the company and get a replacement.

Wasabi Black Utility Knife

Wasabi Black Utility Knife

Easy to Hold

Lightweight and easy to holdGets rusted if not dried
A bead-blasted blade that gives an attractive finishing look
6-inches steel blade perfect for cutting vegetables

2. Damascus Petty Knife – Hajegato

Do you want a knife that looks graceful in the kitchen and want to impress your guests with a stylish knife? This knife is a perfect choice for you. The tinted handle installed in this knife gives a unique and cool look. Furthermore, the VG 10 steel makes the blade rust-resistant and maintains the sharpness of the blade for a long time.

The octagonal handle of this knife makes it easy to grip. You don’t have to worry if the tool will slip from your hand. The Damascus petty knife is a perfect option as a gift. You can give a present to your family and friends as it is very attractive with its look. So, this knife is the overall value for the money.

Damascus Petty Knife

Damascus Petty Knife

Attractive Look

The v-tapered edge of the blade makes it easy to penetrate the foodYou never know which color of handle you will receive.
The colored handle gives an attractive look to the knife
The octagonal handle helps you hold the knife firmly

3. Petty Kitchen Knife – Cultuxe Store

This model is a lovely example of a German-style knife that is very sharp, stylish, and most importantly comfortable to use. This perfectly designed tool is useful for multiple purposes. You can slice fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, meat, fish, etc. The sharp blade with a thin knob makes it easy to cut the food quite easily without applying any pressure.

One of the best things about this top-notch knife is that the high-carbon steel blade makes it a perfect choice as it resists corrosion and gives a longtime performance. If you are not getting all these advantages in the knife or the material gets damaged while working, you can return the knife to the company and claim a new product.

Petty Kitchen Knife

Petty Kitchen Knife

Hand-Honed Blade

You can gift this astonishing knife to your friends.The screws in the handle are weak as they fell off after some time.
A hand-honed blade that offers sharpness for a long time. You don’t have to sharpen it after every single usage.
Robustness. There is no risk of breaking the material.

4. 5.5 Inch Utility Knife – Misen

A sharp knife is always a good option as it makes your working process easy. But if it comes with a bulky handle, you may feel uncomfortable gripping it firmly. The utility knife by Misen is a perfect choice here as it comes with a slim handle that offers a smooth grip and helps you cut the items quite easily.

The AUS-10 steel of this blade is the superior option for cutting the items as it offers a balance between sharpness and durability. The blade of this knife never gets rusted at any point. This mid-sized tool is quite effective in chopping food. You can easily get control of this tool and slice the vegetables without harming yourself.

5.5 Inch Utility Knife

5.5 Inch Utility Knife

Easy to Grip

The 5.5 inches blade helps you cut vegetables and fruits easily.The blade’s knob gets chipped on applying more pressure
The slim alloy steel handle makes it easy to grip
The long-term sharpness makes it useful for a longer period. There is no need to hone the blade every time after using it.

Best Kitchen Petty Knife

Here Is the list of the best kitchen petty knives.

i. AUS-10 Damascus Professional Hand-Forged Petty Knife – MITSUMOTO SAKARI

This top-notch kitchen knife is made with Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel that gives a premium look to the knife as well as ensures the durability of the material. One thing that you will like in this petty knife is that it comes with an ergonomic handle that offers a firm grip and allows you to hold the knife tightly.

With the help of this kitchen knife, you can take on multiple tasks like cutting fruit, chopping meat, or peeling vegetables. Furthermore, you will also get an unconditional replacement or refund if there is any defect in the material or the blade. This is the best Japanese petty knife available in the market.

AUS-10 Damascus Professional

AUS-10 Damascus Professional

Unconditional Refund Policy

Alloy steel handle that gives it a shiny and appealing lookNeeds extra protection or the blade will get rusted
VG-10 Damascus steel that ensures the sturdiness of the blade
Unconditional refund policy

ii. Super Blue High Carbon Kurouchi Petty Utility Knife – Yoshihiro

This handmade utility knife is unmatched with its performance as it can help you do kitchen jobs quite easily. With its high-carbon stainless steel, you can slice vegetables, fruits, and meat perfectly. Since the knife is not as big as the chef knives, it becomes easier to hold the tool in your hand firmly.

Moreover, the handcrafted octagonal handle of this knife can be gripped quite comfortably. This non-slippery handle will allow you to cut the eatables precisely. One thing that you need to make sure of is to avoid it from the bones and nutshells or the blade will get damaged.

You can also maintain the sharpness of the blade for a long time by oiling it regularly and keeping it dry after washing it.

High Carbon Kurouchi Petty Utility Knife

High Carbon Kurouchi Petty Utility Knife

Octagonal Handle

Octagonal handle that makes this knife non-slipperyThe blade of a knife can get damaged if used for hard items
Ultra-sharp blade that doesn’t need to be honed if cared for properly
From dicing to chopping, this utility knife is perfect for every job

iii. High-Grade Powder Steel Kitchen Knife – RITSU

This powder steel kitchen knife is another amazing option for chefs to make their cooking tasks easier and more efficient. With the help of this rust-resistant knife, you can cut vegetables and meat with great ease without applying a lot of force.

The thing that should be appreciated in this petty knife is that the wenge design handle reduces the wrist force and allows you to slice the food easily.

Not only this, the knife comes in a stylish box. So, you can also gift this knife to your loved ones on special occasions. Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty from the company. If there is any defect in the material or craftsmanship, you can ask for repair or replacement.

High-Grade Powder Steel Kitchen Knife

High-Grade Powder Steel Kitchen Knife

Steel & Wood Handle

Lightweight knife that is perfectly balanced and makes it easy to holdThe blade can get chipped on applying more force or cutting the hard items
Steel and wood handle that ensures sturdiness and enhances the grip of the handle
0.95 to 1.05% carbon keeps the blade away from corrosion and discoloration

iv. Sora 6-Inches Chef’s Knife – Shun

Sora knife by Shun is the perfect choice for knife lovers as it allows you to cut, dice, and slice medium-sized fruits and vegetables quite easily. The thermoplastic rubber handle of this knife makes it easy to grip and allows you to use the knife even with wet hands.

One thing that you would like about this knife is its agility. The curved shape blade of this knife can help you cut any type of food without any problem. VG-10 stainless steel of this knife is rust resistant. The razor sharp blade of this knife will cut the vegetables and fruits precisely.

Sora 6-Inches Chef's Knife

Sora 6-Inches Chef’s Knife

Perfect Weight Balance

The perfect weight balance makes the knife easy to holdThe handle is not rigid as it can break if you use force while using it
Thermoplastic rubber  makes the grip non-slippery and allows you to use the knife even with the wet hands
VG-10 stainless steel that is rust-resistant and maintains sharpness for a long time

5. 5 Inch Utility Knife – Daimyo Series – KYOKU

KYOKU is another top Japanese brand that is famous for its highly efficient tools. Among these tools, the Daimyo knife series is an amazing option for you that can help you in the kitchen with your daily tasks. The 5-inch blade used in this knife is enough for slicing fruits and vegetables without applying any additional pressure.

With 440C stainless steel and rosewood handle, it offers a perfect balance on the knife and makes your job easy. Moreover, the edge of the knife is 13 to 15 degrees curved which helps you cut the meat and other food items precisely.

So, overall this 10-inch knife provides you comfort from handle to blade because of its perfect weight distribution. This helps you cut the vegetables with a good balance.

Feel free to order the knife from this store as you will also get a lifetime warranty here. So, if there is any issue with the blade or handle, you can ask for repair without any additional cost.

5 Inch Utility Knife - Daimyo Series

5 Inch Utility Knife – Daimyo Series

Rosewood Handle

Balanced weight from the handle to the blade makes it easy to cut the items.The blade gets dull so you need to hone it after some usage.
The Rosewood handle offers a smooth grip and prevents it from slipping from the hand.
The 440C blade provides a sharper edge and can be penetrated deeply into any item.

6. Dynasty Series Kitchen Utility Knife – FINDKING

If you are a person who is afraid of using knives and wants a weapon that offers a good grip, you must give this knife a try. Because of its octagonal handle, you can easily hold the knife in your hand and there is no risk of falling the knife while doing your job. The African rosewood handle offers smooth control on the handle.

Moreover, the knife is not heavy at all. You can use this tool for hours without feeling uncomfortable at any point. Class is the main focus of this knife so you don’t have to worry about the build quality of this brand. You will get value for the money you spend on this knife.

Dynasty Series Kitchen Utility Knife

Dynasty Series Kitchen Utility Knife

Comfortable to Hold

Alloy steel blade makes it easy to slice any item in a single goNot rust-resistance. Can get damaged because of corrosion so need to have cared for well.
The handle of this knife is very comfortable to hold
The super sharp blade doesn’t need to be honed every time after using it

7. German High Carbon Stainless Steel Utility Knife – PAUDIN

The petty knife by PAUDIN is loved by the chefs because of its design. Both the handle and blade of this knife are quite pretty which gives an astonishing look to this tool. You can use this small knife for multiple purposes. From cutting to mincing, this knife would always be a handy choice to use.

Moreover, the high-quality German stainless steel blade allows you to cut heavy items as well without putting in extra effort. The ergonomic handle of this knife helps you hold it quite easily. There is no risk of slipping the knife from your hand while slicing the vegetables and fruits.

German High Carbon Stainless Steel Utility Knife

German High Carbon Stainless Steel Utility Knife

Easy to Grip Handle

Stylish handle and blade that gives an attractive look to the knifeThe blade becomes dull after some time so you need to hone it regularly
Easy-to-grip handle that allows you to work with it for hours without feeling any pain
100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee from the company

8. Minarai Petty Premium Kitchen Knife – Spyderco

This is another petty Japanese knife that is easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can ask the company to sharpen the blade any time you want. One thing that is guaranteed about this knife is that its blade never gets dull soon. You can use this knife multiple times without any need to hone it.

The solid BD1N stainless steel maintains the shine of the material for a long time and doesn’t let its beauty fade at any point. The blade length is 4.64 inches long so you can stab into the meat quite smoothly. This can be made even easier because of the sharp knob.

Minarai Petty Premium Kitchen Knife

Minarai Petty Premium Kitchen Knife

Sharp Stainless Blade

Polypropylene handle with edges makes it easy to holdLittle expensive as compared to other knives
A sharp stainless blade that can slice any product in a single cut
The space between the handle and blade offers protection from cutting your finger

Difference between Petty and Chef Knife

There is confusion between the petty knife and chef knife as both of them are often mixed up and considered the same tool. To figure out the difference between these two knives, you have to check out two important points. Length of the blade and curve of the knife.

Usually, the blade length of the utility knife is somewhere between 4.5 inches to 6 inches. However, the chef’s knife is a little larger as it comes with an 8-inch long blade.

The petty knives are mostly straight than the chef knives. In the chef knife, you will notice a larger curve that makes it different from the utility knife.

Is Petty and Paring Knife the Same?

Just like a chef knife, a paring knife is also compared with a petty knife and people often purchase a paring knife in place of the utility knife. Undoubtedly, both of the knives look the same but again there is a difference between the sizes of the blades.

The blade size of the utility knife is from 4.5 inches to 6 inches while the paring knife has a smaller blade that is a maximum of 4 inches. Other than that, the petty knife blade is straight that is mostly used for slicing vegetables and fruits rather than chopping purposes.


Small in size and comfortable to use; a petty knife is one of the most important arsenals that you will love to keep in your kitchen for daily routine tasks. This knife is a little shorter than the chef’s knife and large than the paring knife which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen jobs.

Among all these knives, the Cultuxe utility knife is one of the most reliable blades that you can get at a very affordable rate.

Publish Date: March 27, 2023

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

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