Best Chef Knife under $50

Best Chef Knife under 50: A Review on Cost Effective Knives

Don’t have much money to spend on knives but want to follow your cooking passion? No need to worry. We are here with a list of top-rated kitchen knives that you can purchase at a very low price.

With hundreds of brands in the market today, it can be very difficult to choose the best knife that you can use for chopping.

Most importantly, the knives that you often like are out of your budget. So, you are revoking the purchase of the knife?

No need for that because here we have discussed the list of best chef knife under 50 that can be helpful for you in the kitchen. Let’s have a look at these cost-effective knives.

Best Chef Knife under 50 – Check Out This List

In this section, we have discussed the best chef knives that you can purchase under $50. You can also get the list of best chef knives under $100 here as these knives are quite reliable to use.

However, right now we are going to discuss the list of best chef knife under 50 that you must check out.

1. Mercer Culinary M23530 Renaissance

While you search for the top brands of chef knives, you will find mercer blades at the top of the list.

The thing that makes this knife so special is that it comes with a fantastic sharp blade that can be helpful in chopping heavy items.

This simple and plain knife is specially designed for expert chefs and can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

One more amazing thing about mercer knives is that they use high-carbon steel that makes them rust-free and maintains their sharpness.

Mercer Culinary M23530 Renaissance

Mercer Culinary M23530 Renaissance

Fantastic Sharp Blade

This is considered as one of the best chef knife under 50 that can help you do multiple jobs in the kitchen perfectly.

10 inches long blade that can chop heavy items as wellSmall bolster
German stainless steel that maintains its shine even after a long time of usageCan create balance issues for new users
Comes with a lifetime warranty that increases the reliability factor
High-carbon steel that keeps it away from rust

2. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife

This 8-inch long chef knife is an evergreen option and there are multiple reasons behind this.

If we talk about the build quality of this Swiss-made knife, it is very rigid and also offers a lifetime warranty. So, you can use it for a longer time than any other cheap knife.

An amazing advantage that you get using this knife is that it is a lightweight cutter and you will not get tired while working with it.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife

Swiss Made Knife

Moreover, the handle of this chef knife is very strong which helps you grasp it strongly and provides you full control.

Lightweight and easy to gripNot stainless steel. You will see notches with the time
Long lasting sharpness
Popular among home chefs

3. Mercer Culinary Ultimate White

Here is another chef knife offered by mercer that is designed for every kind of task-relevant to cutting.

This knife is liked by every chef because it is a reliable tool that can stay with you for a long time and will not deceive you at important moments.

You don’t have to worry about corrosion while using this knife because it comes with high-carbon stainless steel.

Mercer Culinary Ultimate White

Mercer Culinary Ultimate White

Smooth Handle

The knife is very easy to clean and can be easily handled because it has a very smooth handle that can be grabbed comfortably.

Ideal for chopping and cuttingThe blade may get dull with time
8-inch blade built for all types of tasks
Plastic handle that can be easy to handle
Durable and well-balanced

Best Kitchen Knives Under 50 – Here Are the Top Picks

Knifier has also figured out the best kitchen knives that can be purchased under $50. Have a look on this list.

i. imarku Japanese  Pro Kitchen Knife

For those chefs who already have experience of cooking and want to upgrade their cooking tool, they must give a try to imarku kitchen knife.

The 8-inch blade of this knife can be quite effective in cutting hard food in a single go. There is no need to apply force while slicing food with this tool.

With its high-carbon stainless steel, it can do your job for a long tenure. You will not have to hone the blade after every usage.

Not only this, the addition of 16-18% chrome in the steel makes it corrosion resistant. So, this element maintains the shine of the blade for years and allows you to complete your kitchen jobs precisely.

Furthermore, the Pakkawood handle of this knife helps you grip the tool firmly and do your job efficiently.

imarku Japanese  Pro Kitchen Knife

imarku Japanese  Pro Kitchen Knife

Strong Pakkawood Handle

Comes in a stylish box so you can also gift it to your loved onesBlade is very sharp so you need to use it with care or it can cause any injury
Strong Pakkawood handle offers a firm grip
The blade of this knife is very sharp and also avoids oxidation
Perfect weight distribution that makes it comfortable to hold

ii. Astercook 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife

Are you black lover who likes every product in black? If yes, this astercook knife is made for you because its elegant black color gives it an attractive look.

This super sharp knife can help you in multitasking. That means you can use this top-quality tool for chopping, slicing and dicing purposes.

Furthermore, the blade of this knife is also rust resistant. No matter for what purpose you are using it, the blade will not get rusted.

One of the best things about Astercook knives is that all their products come with a lifetime warranty. The reason is that each of the knives undergo strict inspection and the defected pieces are optimized in the store.

Astercook 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife

Astercook 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife

Lifetime Warranty

Dishwasher safe knife because the blade of this tool is coated with anti-rust teflonThe blade gets dull after sometime so it needs honing regularly
You will get lifetime warranty with this knife
Ergonomic handle with holes that makes it non-slippery and offers a firm grip
The knife is overall value for money

iii. MOSFiATA 8″ Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife

Almost every expert chef knife talks about MOSFiATA knife because of its elegant design as well as the perfect blade.

This budget-friendly knife can be a right choice for multitasking in the kitchen. So, you can consider it as a must have option in the kitchen.

With the unique polishing technology, the blade of this knife is honed perfectly from the edges that helps in cutting the food perfectly.

Moreover, you can hold this multifunctional knife quite easily because the handle of this tool is non-slippery that offers a firm grip while working with it.

This kitchen knife comes in a stylish packing that makes it a giftable product. You can give this knife as a present to your friends and family members.

Super Sharp Professional Chef's Knife

Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife

Anti-Corrosion Blade

High-carbon German stainless steel blade that makes it sharpArtificial Damascus print on the blade
Weight distribution of this knife is also perfect that helps you carry the tool easily
The stylish presentation box makes this knife giftable
Anti-corrosion blade maintains the shine and sharpness for long time
Comes with a blade sharpener

iv. Babish High-Carbon 1.4116 German Steel Cutlery

Many chefs like to use a balanced knife that is not very long nor too short. You may also need such a knife in your kitchen and you need to consider this tool at that time.

With its cleaver design, the knife becomes a right choice for heavy duties. That means you can also use this knife for cutting frozen or hard food.

Other than that, the fully tangled handle of this knife makes it easy to hold. That means you can carry it quite easily without any threat of slipping the tool from your hand.

One of the best things about the Babish cutlery knife is that its blade is sharpened well and can help you slice the food without applying any pressure.

High-Carbon 1.4116 German Steel Cutlery

High-Carbon 1.4116 German Steel Cutlery

Easy to Grip Handle

Comfortable and easy to grip handleThe blade is not rust-resistant
Cleaver design that can assist in taking tough jobs
The blade of this knife is polished for maximum sharpness
Value for money

4. Dexter-Russell 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

If you are a new chef and are afraid of hurting yourself, you need to use this knife as it is safe and cheap – both at the same time.

The wide bolster present in the knife makes it a safe option and lets you chop the food without any concern.

Since the knife is long enough, it becomes easy to hold the knife firmly. So, it can also be capable of tasks that are not even relevant to the kitchen.

The wide and curved blade helps in chopping the items quickly and effortlessly.

Dexter-Russell 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Dexter-Russell 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Wide Bolster

Stainless steelNot stainless steel
A curved sharp blade that increases the cutting speed
Recommended by the experts due to its durability
Wide bolster

5. HENCKELS Solution Starter Set

Here we go! Get a set of three knives for the rate of one. Isn’t it interesting? 

Henckels offers a high-quality set of three knives and excitingly all of them are in different shapes and can be used for multiple purposes.

The chefs can take diverse tasks from these cutters as they can assist in chopping, peeling, or skinning.

Moreover, the blade of the knife is sharp enough that it can help in cutting heavy pieces in a single go.

The most interesting thing about the Henckels knife is that they use a rigid handle that can be grabbed comfortably and can chop items easily.

HENCKELS Solution Starter Set

HENCKELS Solution Starter Set

8-inch-Long Blade

Top brand trusted by the expertsBit heavy
8-inch-long blade
Set of three useable for multiple purposes
Stainless steel

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Chef Knife

While you are looking for a cheap knife, you will not get all the features. However, there are some top things that you must consider for choosing a high-performance knife.

You must look for the build quality, the brand reputation, and most importantly warranty offered by the company.

Blade and Handle

You should look for the blade material if it is reliable. The quality of the blade should be good enough so that it couldn’t get rusted.

If carbon is added to the material, it will make the blade sharp and will be useful for a long time.

Other than the blade, the quality of the handle is also important. It should have a good grip so you can hold it firmly and can use it comfortably.

Brand of Knife

The brand of your knife must be reputable and should be trusted by professionals. The reason is that good brands always provide value for the money and deliver a good product in the end.


Make sure that you are getting a warranty with the knife. So, if you get an issue with the knife, you can return it to the store and get another knife in return.

Bottom Lines

Kitchen knives need to be perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing. Therefore, it is quite important to pick the perfect tool that can assist you in multitasking.

In this article, we have mentioned a list of the best chef knife under 50 that you can use to do your kitchen jobs perfectly.

Among all these top-quality products, Victorinox Fibrox pro is considered as a handy choice because of its shape and smooth grip.

Hope this content is quite informative for you. Try all these amazing knives and mention your favorite pick in the comments section.

Publish Date: March 3, 2023

Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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