The best Draw knife in 2023

The Best Draw Knife to Have in a Woodworker’s Toolbox

Woodwork is a very technical job or shall we say an art. Even the most experienced woodworkers can come across trouble while creating billets for lathe, debarking trees, and shaving thin wood. These kinds of technical tasks cannot be handled with a plain saw. 

If you are facing trouble in accomplishing complex carpentry tasks, lets check our some of the best draw knife. Many traditional woodwork tools have become outdated, but the draw knife has still held its place throughout these years. If your toolbox is missing a classical draw knife, then it is time to read this guide. 

What is the Purpose of the Draw Knife?

A draw knife is a very useful woodworking tool as it can make all kinds of concave cuts. It is basically used to shape wood pieces by stripping shavings. The draw knife is one of the most valuable tools for a furniture sculptor.  A draw knife can help you with tasks which even the best whittling knives cannot handle!

It can be used for many purposes, including stripping barks, trimming trunks, and fitting beams during wooden renovations.

Some of the most common uses of the draw knife include:

  1. Sculpting Wood
  2. Stripping Bark
  3. Debarking Trees
  4. Chamfering Edges
  5. Building Furniture
  6. Trimming Fences
  7. Making Bows

There are many more uses of the draw knife. In this article we have mentioned the best draw knife for bow making and many other purposes related to modern age carpentry. You would find all about their features, pros, and cons, which would help you decide which one would be best for you.

7 Best Draw Knife to Buy | Budget Series 2023

Let us dig into each of these six options one by one:

1. Timber Tuff Draw knife (Straight Blade)

If you are looking for a valuable and affordable option, then you need to consider this one. The best overall option in this league is the Timber Tuff Straight Shave Knife. 

Timber Tuff Draw knife

Strong Trimming Tool

This knife is popular because of its low price and durable performance. It is not only cheap, but it also comes with a very sturdy blade protector, which ensures the safety of the craftsman. The wooden handles of this draw knife are also quite reliable because they are designed with a very hard material. The timber tuff has an 8-inch steel blade which makes it a very strong trimming tool.

Many people prefer buying this draw knife because of its cost and safety features, but you must know that even the best tools have some disadvantages. One specific drawback of this knife is that it doesn’t have the sharp edges that we expected.

Pros Cons
Affordable Price RangeWeak Edges
Durable Blade ProtectorQuestionable Sharpness
8’ Inch BladeSteel Blade is Not Durable Enough
Comfortable & Sturdy Handle

2. BeaverCraft DK2s Draw Knife for Wood Carving

Another reliable option is the beavercraft draw knife. This knife is an ideal tool for multiple applications related to carpentry. The most common use of this knife is to remove shavings of large chunks of wood. This knife has a very razor sharp blade which makes it a rough and tough tool for getting rid of excessive wood. The blade is made up of stainless steel material and is hardened to perfection. 

Here you must note that this knife is designed to work with woods without barks or knots. Overall this is an ideal tool for cutting through soft and hard woods. 

Draw Knife for Wood Carving

Draw Knife for Wood Carving

Ergonomic Design

The handles of this draw knife are built with an ergonomic design which makes it ideal for a long period of work. Woodworkers would not have to worry about fatigue while using this knife. The best thing about this draw knife is that it comes with a quality guarantee. 

High quality alloy steel materialSome users have complained the built quality to be brittle
Ergonomic designKnife needs to be sharpened before use
Non-Retractable handles

3. Felled Draw Knife (Versatile Tool)

If you are looking for a compact option for woodwork, then you must check out this one. The Felled Draw Knife is a very durable and refined option. It comes in three different lengths, including 5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. The thickness of the blade is 0.3, which is quite strong. 

The felled draw knife has a curved blade that is made of steel. The refined edges of this knife make it a popular choice for both furniture making and timber farming.

Felled Draw Knife

Thickness of the blade is 0.3

The handle of this draw knife is made up of wood, which is why its grip is quite strong and provides safety to the user from the blade. Another safety feature that comes with this draw knife is the rubber protection sheath which is added to enhance the safety of the users.

The thing that we like about the felled draw knife is its lightweight, which makes it easier to manage!

Pros Cons
Strong Build Expensive as compared to others
Hard and Durable SteelThe blade is not sharp as expected
Comfortable and Safe HandlesNot suitable for smaller projects
1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

4. Mueller draw knife 2091,91

A very high-quality Austrian drawknife is Muller’s 2091,91! This draw knife comes at the fourth number on our list but is surely one of the best choices among carpenters. There are many good qualities of this tool that makes it a reliable choice. The lifetime warranty of this draw knife is one of the top features that you would surely love. 

Mueller draw knife 2091,91

Mueller draw knife 2091,91

Lifetime Warranty

The 91/2-inch steel blade of this draw knife is one of the top qualities of this tool. The build quality of the overall knife is also quite intriguing, which makes it a good choice but surely not the best one. 

Austrian Steel BladeSoft steel
Lifetime warrantyChips found in the blade
Good build qualityEdges do not hold for a longer time

What’s the Best Draw Knife for Peeling Logs? Top 3 Choices

i. Carmyra Draw Knife Straight Tool

A very pocket-friendly and efficient option is the Carmyra Straight Drawknife! This one is the first log peeling draw knife on our list today, but you would be surprised to know that some woodmen find this one the ultimate tool for their day-to-day trimming & shaving jobs. This draw knife is particularly famous because of its polished beveled edges and steel quality. 

Carmyra Draw Knife Straight Tool

Carmyra Draw Knife Straight Tool

Strong & Durable Blade

This draw knife comes in five different variants. These include the following:

  • 8-inch straight
  • 10-inch straight
  • Curved 5-inch
  • Curved 8-inch
  • Curved 10-inch

All of these variants have a thickness of 5mm and an angle of 30 degrees which makes them a handy option for dozens of different wood jobs. The built quality of this blade adds to its accuracy, especially when used with a greater force. The weight of the knife is 1.7 pounds, and it is easy to handle because of its strong handles.

Strong and Durable BladeA major con of this knife is that it needs to be sharpened before you use it
Lightweight yet sturdy handles
Blade protector for edges

ii. Felled Bark Spud Debarking Tool | Log Peeler

If you want to effortlessly remove bark from logs, this is the perfect tool for the job. You can easily take the bark off from the log and preserve the rest of the wood with this tool. The beveled blade of this log peeler meets with the curvature of the log and bark and removes it without damaging the surroundings. The size of this draw knife is around 25-inches which is quite huge as compared to other tools in this league. 

Felled Bark Spud Debarking Tool

Felled Bark Spud Debarking Tool

Comfortable Grip

You can use this knife cum log peeler to strip bark from small and medium size logs and also to get rid of dry wood. You can also use it in the garden for weeding, grubbing and even for digging because of its unique design. The grip of this peeler is quite comfortable as it has a wooden handle. You have to sharpen this knife before using it.

Can preserve woodNot the considerable draw knife for beginners because of large size
Perfect size
Comfortable grip
Built to last long
Value for money

iii. GEDORE OX draw knife375

A very reliable option at first glance is GEDORE OX 375 drawknife. This knife is one of the most popular options when it comes to debarking or peeling logs. This draw knife is best for trimming both dry and wet wooden logs. 

GEDORE has a history of over a hundred years of providing the best woodworking draw knife. The OX draw knife is one of the high-quality products offered by GEDORE. 

GEDORE OX draw knife375

GEDORE OX draw knife375

Comfortable Handles

This knife is lightweight and lands in the straight knife category. The handles of this draw knife are quite stable and comfortable. The blade width is 35 mm, and the blade length is 250 mm which makes it a useful tool for major and minor carpentry work.

High-Quality SteelNo blade guard available 
Comfortable HandlesHandles get loose over time 
Straight & Curve Blade OptionThe blade is relatively dull
Best for major and minor woodwork

5. Viking Woodsman LT029 8-Inch Bevel Blade Draw Knife

Any wooden carving and debarking job requires high quality equipment. If you are in search of a draw knife with the best quality material, you can check out this one. This knife is made up of industry-grade steel and is designed for maximum accuracy.

The knife is 8 inches in length and around 1 inch in width which is longer than the size of medium sized draw knife tools. The blade of the knife is painted and grounded to 30-degree bevel which makes it sturdy!

8-Inch Bevel Blade Draw Knife

8-Inch Bevel Blade Draw Knife

Sleek Design

The handles of this knife are made up of wooden material and are quite comfortable to hold. The knife comes with a blade guard which provides safety to the user who’s carrying it. This knife is commonly being used in the US by woodworkers, chainsaw carvers and timber framers.

Easy to usePaint on the blade wears off over time
Sleek design
Rust free material
Comfortable handles

6. Timber Tuff TMB-05 Curved Draw Shave Tool

This timber tuff draw knife comes with a 5mm thick curved blade which makes it an efficient choice for fast and accurate log peeling jobs. The knife is designed with HRC 30 hardened durable steel which is quite durable and has a high longevity. This is one of the best draw knife because it can be used for easy shaving of logs, wood trimming jobs and for fixing fence posts. 

Timber Tuff TMB-05 Curved Draw Shave Tool

Timber Tuff TMB-05 Curved Draw Shave Tool

Sturdy Design

The wood grip handles of this knife are quite comfortable. The grip is quite secure to hold and the best thing about this knife is that it comes with a blade protector. These features make this knife an ideal choice for heavy works like building wooden furniture. 

The thing that we like about this draw knife is that it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Value for moneyNot handy for small trimming jobs
Sturdy design
Easy to use
Versatile uses

7. Stubai Draw Knife – Austrian Knife with Leather Sheath

If you’re looking for a top-notch draw knife, this Stubai knife is the one for you. This knife is virtually straight with a tiny curve in its blade for maximum accuracy and is made from industrial-grade steel supplied from Stubai, Austria. 

Austrian Knife with Leather Sheath

Austrian Knife with Leather Sheath

Slightly Curved Blade

The blade is slightly larger than a medium-sized draw knife, being 9.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. The handles have a rubber coating over sturdy plastic to ensure a secure grip. The handles may appear short at first, but their offset angle gives the woodworker just the perfect angle to handle large pieces of wood quickly.

Made from high quality steelThis is not the perfect draw knife for smaller projects
Slightly curved bladeExpensive than other models
stays sharp for a longer period
Best for huge woodwork

What Specifications Do You Need to Consider When Buying the Best Draw Knife?

First, let us go through some of the specifications that you must prefer when choosing a draw knife for your toolbox:

Sharp Edges

The main purpose of a draw knife is to cut, and for that, the blade needs to be sharp. So the first thing that you need to consider is the sharpness of the draw knife. You must always go for a knife that doesn’t go blunt.

Comfortable Handles

You have to consider the handles of a draw knife because they are essential for your safety. The best draw knife is one which has a fixed, sturdy and comfortable handle. You might find many draw knives having adjustable handles, which may sound intriguing to you, but they are not very secure to use.


A very important thing to consider while buying a draw knife is its length. You have to choose an ideal length according to the nature of your work. For instance, if you have a larger wood piece to peel, then you would need to use a larger draw knife. Smaller knives are best for smaller projects.

Blade Thickness 

The thickness of the knife blade matters a lot. An important point you must note is that the ideal draw knife is one which neither has a thick nor a thin blade. Having a thick blade can affect the accuracy and finish of the trim, whereas a thin blade can easily break or bend.


When it comes to buying knives and especially a draw knife, it is important that you check its safety features and any warranty you are given by the seller. You need to check whether the manufacturer of the knife is giving a warranty on its build quality or durability. Safety comes first, so you must never make a hasty decision when buying the draw knife.

On the basis of these very factors, we have discussed the above mentioned tools. You can choose the best one for yourself on the basis of this checklist. On the basis of these very factors, we have discussed the above mentioned tools. You can choose the best one for yourself on the basis of this checklist.

Curved or Straight Draw Knife | Which is the Best One?

When buying the draw knife you have to consider your “convenience”. Draw knives are of two main types, curved and straight. Which one is better, depends on the nature of your job. Generally, the curved draw knives are used for deeper cuts and for tough tasks like bark removal. On the other hand straight draw knives are the ones that can be used for small trimming, stripping and wood shaping tasks. 

A disadvantage of using the curved draw knife is that its blade would wear off in a very short time. Whereas the straight draw knife has a better longevity. So if you are looking for a draw knife which is easy to maintain, you should probably go for the straight blade. 

The cost of both of these knife types is also different. The straight blade knives are cheaper than the curved ones which makes them a preferable choice for mediocre carpenters.

Conclusion – Make The Right Choice!

We hope that after reading a short review of the best draw knife tools, you can now easily make a purchase decision. All seven of these knives are good for different purposes. Each one of them has strong pros and cons, which makes them different from one another. Before making a purchase, you need to make sure that you select the tool which satisfies the nature of your job. The purpose of this review cum guide is to help woodmen/sculptors find the best tool for their day to day jobs. To read more about knives and other relevant accessories, we would suggest you visit Knifier

Publish Date: February 17, 2023

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

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