Most Useful Knives for Electricians

Best Electricians Knife– Top 8 Picks in 2023

Cutting or stripping wires can be a challenging task. Regular kitchen knives and scissors can damage the core of electric wires and can also increase the chances of an accident (short circuit, etc)

An electrician’s knife is a very important tool in the toolkit of a professional electrician. The main purpose of this knife is to cut cables electrically without worrying about any sparks or shocks. Electrician knives are also quite helpful when it comes to removing insulation from cables without damaging the core copper/steel wiring inside. 

If you are a professional electrician and are looking for the best electricians knife that can help you with your work, you must read this post. Here we have collected details of the most popular electrician knives that you can buy from Amazon.

Best Electricians Knife | 8 Most Budget-Friendly Options

There are over hundreds of different knives for electricians that you can buy from different online platforms. But here in this section, we have mentioned the most reliable models you can buy from Amazon.

1. KLEIN Tools 44200 Cable Splicer’s Knife

This knife is quite reliable as it is specially designed and built for electricians. The cutting-edge design of this knife makes it a preferable choice for cutting wires closely or from a distance. The handle of this knife is very much comfortable as it has plastic and rubber grips that would not hurt the thumb of the user.

KLEIN Tools 44200 Cable Splicer’s Knife

Cable Splicer’s Knife

Wire Stripping Notches

The 61/2-inch size of the knife makes it a very handy tool for cutting and trimming big wires. The blade length is 1.75 and is made up of the finest 1095 cutlery steel material. This knife is hand powered and weighs less than 2.5 ounces. The ergonomic design, coping blade, and sharp edges make this knife a portable option for commercial and home electricians.

Stainless steel bladeNo-spring open/close function
Wire stripping notches The blade needs to be sharpened over time
Plastic handleOverall aesthetics look is not good
Shockproof materialOnly available in black color
Pocket friendly

2. SOG Kilowatt- Best Electrician Knife with Wire Stripping

The SOG stripper knife is very portable and an easy-to-use tool for electricians. This knife comes with a three-way cutting blade. The three-way wire stripper helps the user cut with both sides of the blade at the same time. This knife is considered to be best for stripping stranded and solid wires without putting much force.

Best Electricians Knife with Wire Stripping

SOG Kilowatt Knife with Wire Stripping

AUS-8 Steel Blade

This stripper knife has a 3.4-inch blade which is made up of strong AUS steel material. The sharpness and strength of the blade make it a reliable choice not only for electricians but also for local carpenters.

As for the handle of this knife, it is made up of glass-filled nylon material, which gives it a smart yet sturdy look. The handle of this knife might look slim to you but know that the manufacturer has not compromised on the strength or the comfort of the handle.

Sharp blade for strippingHandle grip can be awkward for some users
AUS-8 steel bladeNo blade cover
3-way wire cuttingPremium price range
Shockproof material

3. Klein Tools 44004 Lightweight Lockback Knife

Another top-rated electrician knife is the lock blade 44004 by Klein. The blade of this knife is made up of AUS8 steel, and the handle is made up of nylon resin material which gives it a comfortable and premium feel at the same time. If your preference is simple, compact, and lightweight, you must try this option,

44004 Lightweight Lockback Knife

This Japanese knife weighs 0.8 ounces which makes it very much portable. Overall the size of the knife is small, which is why it is considered to be best for only local wiring tasks. It cannot be used for commercial wire cutting or stripping.

Steel bladePocket clip quality is not very good
Impact-resistant handleThe knife is very simple and can be used for limited tasks
Safe lock backThe price is a bit high 
Lanyard hole for tethering 
Compact for carrying 

If you are interested in buying foldable pocket knives that are easy to carry, you should probably check out this section!

Best Pocket Knife for Electricians – 3 Premium EDC Tools

Out of dozens of different pocket knives, here we have listed the three most top-rated options:

i. Victorinox Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife (Silver Alox Ribbed)

This is also one of the best electrician knives to have in your toolbox. The Victorinox pocket knife is quite agile and small in its size. Swiss army knives have been in production since the 1890s, but today you will find different models and variants of Swiss knives designed for different purposes. 

This electric knife and wire stripper is best for your electricity-related jobs, and you can also use it as a standard pocket knife.

Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife

Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife

Durable Design & Construction

The blade of this knife is made up of stainless steel material and is around 2.5 inches in length. The knife weighs 2.1 ounces which is why it falls under the lightweight medium pocket knife category. The handle of this Swiss electrician knife is made up of aluminum and is quite comfortable to hold. The tool is best for electric work, camping, and hiking activities.

Manufactured by a reliable brandExpensive for electricians
Durable design and constructionNot useful for commercial uses
Compact and lightweightThe folding spring might break over time
Foldable blade for the safety of the userThe aluminum handle can be slippery

ii. RoverTac Pocket Knife Multi Tool Tactical Folding Knife for Electricians

This knife is another strong tool for electricians as well as campers and hikers. This is not just a wire stripping knife; rather, it is an all-in-one tool that comes with a strong plier, bottle opener, and nine other useful screwdriver tools. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool, you must definitely try this one.

RoverTac Pocket Knife

RoverTac Pocket Knife

Lifetime Guarantee

The thing that we like about this knife is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The compact and durable design of this knife makes it ideal for both local and commercial electrical works. This tool is very easy to carry and safe because it comes with a nylon pouch. 

Customer satisfaction guarantee This knife tool can be a bit complicated to manage for a new user
Compact and practical designThe blade needs to be sharpened regularly 
Safe locking mechanismDespite the sturdy design, you might face trouble while stripping overly thick wires
PortableNo protective sheath
Multiple tools
Serrated blade

iii. DEWALT DWHT10272 Folding Pocket Knife

A very well-built and compact tool is the folding pocket knife by Dewalt. Many people call it the “Beater Knife” because of its versatile utility. The combination of serrated and straight edge helps the user overcome different tasks. The knife of the blade is quite sharp and weighs 0.35 pounds which makes it a reliable option.

DWHT10272 Folding Pocket Knife

DWHT10272 Folding Pocket Knife

Comfortable Grip

The knife blade is made up of stainless steel material, so there is no chance of corrosion. The blade is also foldable, which provides safety to the user while carrying it. Overall it is a very good and durable knife for an electrician who wants a strong tool for the purpose of cutting or stripping wires.

Combo blade There is no spring assistance when opening or closing the blade
Lightweight handleThe clip of the knife can sometimes be problematic
Comfortable gripYou have to sharpen the blade before using it
Free belt clip
Ideal length and thickness
Value for money

4. Milwaukee Electric Tool 1902 Fastback Knife

The Milwaukee 1902 electric knife tool is another reliable utility for electricians. This knife has a metal body which makes it very strong for cutting or stripping thick wires. Along with the wire-stripping sharp blade, you would also find a gut hook that helps the user cut through wires without opening the complete blade.

Milwaukee Electric Tool 1920

Milwaukee Electric Tool 1920

Smooth & Ergonomic Design

The sharp blades on this knife are made up of serrated steel of very good quality. Because of the high-quality steel material, the tool can withstand huge amounts of force. The blade is also a bit curved, which makes it a useful option for cutting into wood or false walls. The Milwaukee 1902 is a very reliable option for those who want to tackle different electrical wiring and stripping tasks without using different tools.

Separate wire stripping portionA blade can get stuck in the compartment 
Strong gut hookNeed to get the blade changed often
Smooth & ergonomic designAwkward handle grip 
Multi-purpose tool
Shock-resistant material

5. Klein Tools 44218 Utility Knife

If you need a knife just for cable skinning, you must definitely check out this one. This minimalistic design of this knife is what makes it an ideal choice for EDC. The hawkbill blade of this knife is made up of stainless steel material and so there is no chance of it getting rusty. The length of the blade is 2.5 inches which is why it is only ideal for shaving off wires.

This utility knife for electrician comes with replaceable blades which eliminate the need for sharpening. You can replace the blades yourself by removing the captive screw. Here you must note that you have to pay for the replacement blades separately.

Klein Tools 44218 Utility Knife

Klein Tools 44218 Utility Knife

Stainless Steel Blade

The blade is foldable so you don’t need a protective sheath. Also note that the handle of this knife is quite comfortable and this is because of the rubber grip. Overall the quality of the knife is premium and is best for both beginners and mature electricians.

Stainless steel bladeSome customers have complained about the blade quality/sharpness
Orange/Black colorBlade can bend in tough wire-stripping jobs
Lever handle type
Foldable blade
Cheap replacement blades

6. Southwire HBKND2 Edge Force Hawkbill Electricians Knife

This is another knife for professional electricians. This knife is basically meant for cutting through wires. One can also use this knife for camping, hunting, hiking, and bushcraft activities. The most important feature of this knife is that it is lightweight and has an extremely sharp blade. 

Southwire HBKND2 Edge Force

Southwire HBKND2 Edge Force

Corrosion Resistant

You don’t have to worry about the blade of this knife bending or breaking because it is made up of alloy steel material. The handle material is also metal which is why this knife in our opinion is one of the strongest ones on this list. 

The grip of the handle is also quite comfortable and non-slippery at the same time. This makes the knife safe for sharp trimming and cutting jobs. ‎This knife is backed by a lifetime warranty which guarantees the longevity of the product.

Alloy steel and metal constructionPocket clip quality is not that good
Corrosion resistant
lifetime quality guaranteed

7. Gerber Gear Fast Draw Folding Knife for Electricians

The Gerber gear knife is quite ideal for electricians of all ages. The thing that we liked most about this knife was that it had a high-quality build. The blade material is high-carbon surgical stainless steel which is commonly used in hospital tools. The clip-point blade shape gives the knife an overall stylish and sharp look.

Gerber Gear Fast Draw Folding Knife

Gerber Gear Fast Draw Folding Knife


The handle of this knife is also made up of stainless steel material and has a tactile nylon texture. The folding mechanism is quite simple and one has to easily use the knife with one hand. Electricians can carry this knife with the help of a sturdy pocket clip.

LightweightNo warranty
Lock feature
Fine Edge
Value for money

8. Sunex KNSPARKB Spark Fitter Electrician’s Knife

When you need to trim wires or cables with a large cross-section, the SUNEX knife makes the process easier for you. Due to sharpened edges, the blades are designed to provide a smooth cut right through the wire you are cutting. When stripping, the curved blade twists tightly around the edge of a thicker wire. This hand-powered knife is very simple to use and lightweight.

Sunex KNSPARKB Spark Fitter Electrician's Knife

KNSPARKB Spark Fitter Electrician’s Knife

Easy to use

The knife has a drop-point style blade and the material used is stainless steel. In addition to this, the knife has serrated edges and wire stripper teeth on top of the blade. The handle of this knife is also quite comfortable which reduces hand fatigue.

Drop point style bladeThe knife is quite sharp and is not ideal for beginners
Black oxide stainless steel construction
Easy to use and maintain
Blade lock 
Pocket clip
Light weight
1 year warranty 

Considerations While Buying the Best Electricians Knife in 2023

Now that you have read about the top seven electrician knives available on Amazon let us discuss some of the most important things to look for while buying a knife.

Safety Features

One of the most important things that you need to consider is safety features. An electrician knife is a tool that you would be using on a daily basis. So you have to make sure that you don’t buy a tool that would hurt your hand or fingers while trimming. You need to get a knife that has safety features like protective sheaths for folding blades. 

Knife Blade Type

When it comes to buying the best electrician’s knife, you have to carefully choose the blade type according to your requirements. There are different types of blade types that are popular. These include lock back, hawksbill, sheep foot, drop point, clip point, and TANTO point. Each one would have its different pros and cons, so it is best that you choose the blade which goes with your requirements.

Material Safety

The construction material of the knife matters a lot. You have to pick a knife that is hard, durable, sharp, easy to retain, & shockproof. The best knives are the ones that are made of carbon steel or stainless steel material. Other common options you can opt for are titanium and ceramic. These are all durable and have a good life. 


Another thing that you need to consider is the purpose you want to get the knife. There are many electrician knives available on the market. Some are best for simple wire cutting and trimming, while some can be used for other activities like camping and hiking and as a simple pocket tool.

Final Thoughts 

Here in this guide, we have mentioned the seven best electricians knife tools that can help you with different electrical tasks. All of these options are very useful for every electrician, which is why you cannot go wrong in selecting the best one. However, it is best that you choose the one which is most suitable for your requirements and also lies under your set budget! For more details about electrician knives and other sharp blades, stay tuned with 

Publish Date: March 3, 2023

Last Updated on June 9, 2023

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