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Best Ulu Knife: A Complete Buying Guide and Review

Do you want a cutting tool that can reduce your kitchen efforts? Ulu knives can be a handy option for you. This knife is generally used in Alaska for the purpose of preparing meals and skinning wild animals. However, when it comes to purchasing a new knife, it can become quite tricky to choose the best one from the list.

In this guide, we are going to reveal some best Ulu knife sets that you can buy in the market. But before that, we should have a brief overview of these knives.

What are Ulu Knives?

The term “Ulu” is used for the blades used by the lnuit people who are settled in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. The Ulu knife is designed in a way that the central part transmits extra force and helps in cutting hard items quite easily. The grip of the knife is made of hardwood which makes it easy to handle and allows working efficiently.

There is a list of Ulu knives that are designed in multiple ways. The standard size of the blade comes in 6-inch which can be enough for animal skinning and cutting other food items. The curve present in the knife makes it an ideal option to cut up food in a single go without any extra effort.

Types of Ulu Knives

Ulu knives are distinguished into four different categories based on their origin and usage. Have a look at these types.

West Greenlandic

West Greenlandic ulu knives are flexible as they can be used to cut vegetables as well as for the purpose of skinning animals. The knife comes with an oval blade attached to a thin stem. That means the handle of this knife is small that is directly attached to the blade.

Alaskan Knife

This is a traditional ulu knife with a rounded blade having an edge on both sides. The blade of this tool is generally 4 to 7 inches long. Furthermore, the handle of this knife is 6 to 8 inches long which improves the grip of the knife and makes it easy to grip.

East Greenlandic

The East Greenlandic ulu knife is large in size with a rectangular blade. This tool can be used to cut meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Canadian Knife

This knife is made of a thin stem with a triangular and pointed blade. The handle of the knife is made of different materials like bone, wood, steel, stone, etc.

Best Ulu Knife List – 7 Top Picks

Here we have disclosed the list of top ulu knives that are rated on the basis of user experience.

1. Alaska Ulu Knife – Arctic Zone

This lightweight ulu knife is the best present for those who love slicing, dicing, and mincing in the kitchen. The set comes with an ulu and a 6-inch inset bowl that can make chopping veggies and herbs easier.

Alaska Ulu Knife

Alaska Ulu Knife

Knife is Rust-Resistance

Most of the knives made by arctic zone are stainless so they don’t get dull with the passage of time. You just have to make sure that you keep the blade dry after washing it. Additionally, the blade of this knife is rust-resistant so you can use this knife for years without any threat of losing the value of the tool.

All you have to make sure of is that you hone the blade regularly when it stops working or becomes dull and it will become sharp again to do your job properly. The best thing that adds value to the money is the handle of this knife which is stiff and non-slippery. That means you can do your task with the help of this tool with great efficiency.

A sharp blade that allows you to cut the items even with low pressureThe knife is a little short in size which makes you a little uncomfortable while slicing or mincing
The knife handle is very smooth and offers a good grip
Rust-resistant and maintains sharpness for a long time

2. Damascus Steel Custom Ulu Knife – Ezina Store

The Ulu knife by Ezina is an amazing tool that you must add to your collection. The shape of this knife is very appealing. This knife is mostly famous for its durability. The double-edged sharp blade of this knife makes it an amazing option for completing chopping tasks.

Damascus Steel Custom Ulu Knife

Damascus Steel Custom Ulu Knife

Double-Edged Sharp Blade

Talking about the blade of this knife which is 6 inches long is quite handy for chopping meat and herbs. So, not only is this knife suitable for hunting but also used for other kitchen works. The hard and comfortable handle of this knife never makes you feel tired even after doing work for hours. Furthermore, the Damascus steel knife comes with a leather sheath that can keep the blade safe and avoid damaging its sharpness or shape.

Carbon steel blade that avoids oxidation and maintains the actual shineA bit expensive for those who don’t have to use this knife regularly
The handle of this tool is very easy to grip
Overall value for money

3. Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife – Ace

This traditional Alaskan knife is designed to increase the efficiency of the work. The shape of this knife is very attractive because of its exotic-colored wood. The handle of this knife is very comfortable and easy to grip. That means you can easily chop, slice and dice the items without any hurdles.

Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife

Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife

Comfortable & Easy to Grip

In addition to that, the blade of this knife is very sharp which makes kitchen tasks quite simple. You just have to put some pressure on the blade and it will cut the food quickly. The steel blade of this tool is of high quality so you don’t have to sharpen it too often. In fact, you can use it multiple times without honing the blade.

Colored wood gives it a premium lookChinese brand
6-inch stainless steel blade that is very sharp and can cut things in a single go
Ergonomic handle that is easy to grip

Best Ulu Knife Set Worth Looking For

While using an Ulu knife, you may also need a board or a bowl on which you will chop the food. So, for that purpose, you will have to pick a knife set that can come in handy in multiple ways. By using the knife set, it will become easier to cut the vegetables, pizzas, and meat precisely without applying too much force.

For that purpose, we are going to talk about the sets of Ulu knives that you can look for in the market.

i. Ulu Knife 5-inch and 9-inch Set – TIVOLI

The ulu knife set by TIVOLI is one of the best-selling products on Amazon that you can use to cut sandwiches, chop meat, slice pizza, and cut greens. Not only this but the knife can also be used for skinning and hunting purposes. This knife set comes with two tools. The ulu knife blade length is 4.9 inches and 6.3 inches. That means you can use these knives for different items in the kitchen.

One of the best things about this Ulu knife set is that it is rust-resistant. This element preserves the sharpness of the blade for a long time. Furthermore, the look of this knife set is also very appealing and gives a premium look to your hand. That means you can also give it as a gift to your friends and family.

The handle of this knife is made of rosewood which offers a firm grip while using it. The knife will not slip from your hand even if you use it with wet hands.

Ulu Knife 5-inch and 9-inch Set

Ulu Knife 5-inch and 9-inch Set

Rosewood Handle

The rosewood handle of this knife makes the grip perfect and helps you slice the food with quite an ease.Not dishwasher safe
Comes in two sizes so from cutting vegetables to chopping meat, this Ulu knife set is the perfect option
Gorgeous design so you can gift this knife to your friends as well

ii. Ulu Curved  Knife Set – Alaska

This is an amazing Alaska made knife set that is built in a traditional style that you can use in the kitchen for cooking tasks. The set comes with an Ulu knife, a knife holder, and a bowl that you can use for chopping and mincing purposes.

With its sharp blade, you can cut vegetables and pizzas in just one go. Interestingly, this job can be done comfortably without applying a lot of pressure. One of the most prominent features of this Ulu knife set is that you can operate this tool very easily because of its comfortable handle.

Ulu Curved  Knife Set

Ulu Curved  Knife Set

Comfortable Handle

The knife is set and can be cleaned very easilyThe size of the knife is not perfect for those who love to use big-handle knives
You can hold the knife with great comfort as it offers a smooth grip
Built-in traditional Alaska style

4. RK-TTC-110 Handmade Ulu kitchen Knife – Poshland

You can consider the posh Land ulu kitchen knife as the best ulu knife you can get in the market that is perfect for chopping herbs and pizza cutting. This ulu knife comes in stainless steel and a wooden handle that offers a firm grip and allows you to cut the food quite easily.

The thing that makes this knife a better option is that you just have to move it back and forth to chop the items comfortably. The stainless steel blade of this knife will slice the food in a single go. Furthermore, the knife set comes with a leather pouch that you can use to cover the blade after using the knife. The craftsmanship of this durable handmade knife can never be challenged.

RK-TTC-110 Handmade Ulu kitchen Knife

RK-TTC-110 Handmade Ulu kitchen Knife

Wood Handle

The knife is available in Damascus style so you can gift it to your friendsThe handle can come off easily if you soak it in water
Stainless steel and wood handle that makes it ergonomic
Sharp edge blade that can make chunks of food with quite an ease

5. High-Carbon 5CR15MOV Steel – Razor Sharp Ulu Knife – Dalstrong

Those chefs who love to keep attractive ulu knives in their kitchen need to consider this tool as it comes with an appealing design. The black G10 handle of dalstrong ulu knife is very ergonomic and allows you to hold the knife firmly without any threat of slipping the knife from your hand.

From cutting to trimming, and from skinning to chopping, this ulu knife can be used for all the jobs in the kitchen. Furthermore, the ultrasharp blade of this knife can cut hard and freeze as well. This premium 5CR15MOV stainless steel gives a very astonishing look so you can gift it to your loved ones as well.

High-Carbon 5CR15MOV Steel

High-Carbon 5CR15MOV Steel

Offers a Firm Grip

G10 handle that gives a premium lookNot any prominent issue with the knife
Razor sharp blade of this knife can help you chop the vegetables quite easily
Offers a firm grip

Buying Guide to Getting the Best Ulu Knife

Before choosing an Ulu knife, there are some elements that you have to focus on as they can help you figure out the best tool among a big collection. We will discuss the main factors in this section.

Use Intent

The first thing that you have to consider is for what purpose you are going to purchase the knife. The reason is that the knives come in different styles, blades, and sizes. Gone are the days when the knife was used for purposes like cutting, skinning, chopping, mincing, etc. Now, every style of knife can be used for multiple purposes.

Recently, the knife has become popular for slicing pizza as it can help you cut food in a perfect manner.

Size of Knife

The size of the knife is another important thing that you have to check before purchasing the tool. Ulu knives come in different sizes like 2 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches.

6-inch is the ideal size that you can use for your kitchen tasks and complete daily activities.

Blade Material

The traditional ulu knives are made up of jade, slates, and rock. However, the time has changed and now this knife comes with a steel blade. You have to choose a blade with stainless steel that is robust and can be used for rough purposes as well.


When you go to purchase an Ulu knife, you have to choose a knife that has a strong and smooth handle. If the handle is slippery, you will face difficulty in holding the knife and you may also hurt yourself. Furthermore, the weak handle will chip from the blade which will again make you frustrated.

Final Thoughts

An ulu knife is a mandatory tool in the kitchen, especially for the lnuit people. However, there are a lot of brands and it becomes difficult to figure out the best among the list. If you are looking for a fancy knife, then the Arctic Zone ulu knife is the best option as it is very attractive and easy to handle.

But if you want value for money, the Damascus ulu knife by Ezina is the one that you can use for years without sharpening it after using it.

Publish Date: March 10, 2023

Last Updated on June 19, 2023

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