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7 Best Oyster Knife that Makes Shucking Easy

Shucking oysters by yourself can help you save some restaurant charges but it’s a bit annoying to poking away at any oyster. To reduce this pain and make your life easy, you need to go for a best oyster knife. Even if you have the wrong knife, peeling an oyster will become a big challenge for you.

But no need to worry because we have compiled a list of some top-rated oyster blades that you can use for each variety of oysters. The only rule that should be remembered while choosing an oyster knife is that the bigger the oyster is, the larger your blade should be.

To make this task easy, we are going to create a list of the best oyster knives that you need to consider for easy shucking.

Best Oyster Knife You Need to Buy 

Here are our top picks of the best knife by knifier for shucking oysters. Have a look on this list and decide which tool you love the most.

1. New Heaven Style – Dexter-Russell

New Heaven Style

New Heaven Style

Sharp Blade

Reason to like it: People who need to separate the extra hinges of oyster can get assistance from this dexter-russell knife. This is Dexter-Russell’s one of the best-selling oyster knives. The durable and rigid blade of this oyster knife makes it a good option to use. The length of blade is 2.75 inches that is attached with the safe handle.

One of the most notable things about this oyster knife is that its handle is very comfortable. That means you will not feel any pain in the wrist or hand while using this amazing knife.

Furthermore, the rounded blade tip increases the safety element. You don’t have to worry about any injury while using this top-quality oyster knife.

Handle is easy to gripMuch thicker – only for large oysters
Sharp bladeNot a dishwasher item
Stain resistance steel

2. Good Grips Stainless Steel Non-Slip – OXO Store

Good Grips Stainless Steel Non-Slip

Good Grips Stainless Steel Non-Slip

Easy to Handle

Reason to like it: This oyster knife is specially designed for those individuals who prefer to use knives with a soft handle. The amazing thing about this oyster is that it also works well on the hard shells as well. The grip is also very comfortable and can help you handle the knife easily.

You can easily handle this oyster shucking knife because it is very lightweight and can help you work precisely. Not only this, the blade is very easy to clean and you can also wash this oyster knife in the dishwasher.

Easy to handleDon’t provide hand guard
Soft grip that helps you hold the knife without any pain in the wristBlade is little shorter than average
Not much expensiveNo color varieties. Only available in black

All of the oyster knives you get on the amazon store are quite handy as they can assist you in shucking oyster quite easily. However, the job becomes easier when you get the oyster knife set as it comes with a knife and gloves. This element helps you in holding the knife firmly without slipping it from your hand.

Here we are going to talk about the top oyster shucking knife sets that you can use for accurate shucking.

Oyster Knife Set You Should Know About

i. Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2 – Melocean

Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2

Oyster Shucking Knife Set of 2

Lifetime Warranty

Reason to like it: This oyster knife comes in a set of two along with a PDF guide. So the people who are unaware of oyster shucking can get help from here. The non-slippery wooden handles make it a more reliable option to use. The 16 centimeter stainless blades make it even easy for shucking.

This oyster knife is packed in a very good looking wooden gift box. So, you can also give this knife set as a present to your family and friends. On the top of all the features, you will also get a lifetime warranty from this brand. That means you can buy this knife with full confidence.

Comes with a pairNot suitable for hard oysters
Offers beginner guideInsecure handle
Lifetime warranty

However, one problem that you will face in this oyster knife is that it is not a perfect choice for toadfish. So, it is quite important to choose such a knife that can be easy to shuck the toadfish as well.

There are some special knives that can be considered for cutting the toadfish as well. Here is the list of those toadfish oyster knives. Let’s have a look at it.

ii. Oyster Shucking Set- High Performance Level 5 Protection – Rockland Guard

Oyster Shucking Set

Oyster Shucking Set

Cut Resistance Gloves

Reason to like it: This oyster knife comes up with gloves. Those individuals who feel fearful while shucking can wear these ornaments to keep them safe. The rigid handle and glove option makes it best oyster knife and glove set to consider. Moreover, you can also clean this knife in a dishwasher as well.

You will also get gloves with the oyster knife that you can wear while shucking the oyster. The gloves can also be cleaned quite easily. Moreover, the handle of this oyster knife is also very comfortable. You can easily grip the knife without any threat of dropping it from your hand.

Cut resistance glovesThick tip of blade
Can work for small oysters as wellMay rust with the time if not used regularly
Stainless steel

iii. Oyster Knife – HiCoup

Oyster Knife – HiCoup

Oyster Knife – HiCoup


Reason to like it: This oyster knife comes with a 2.5 inches blade. The curved pakkawood handle makes it more attractive and also makes it easy to grip. You can use this shucking knife especially for the small oysters. Moreover, the blade is super durable for ripping through the hard shells.

With its 2.5 inches blade, it can easily penetrate into the oyster and can shuck it efficiently. The shucker is very strong and can slice the item perfectly.

LightweightThick blade
Good leather glovesHandle may not be comfortable for everyone
Attractive shape

3. Tropical Oyster Knife – Trudeau

Tropical Oyster Knife

Tropical Oyster Knife

Easy to Clean

Shucking oyster will not be a difficult task for you if you are using a trudeau tropical oyster shucking knife as it is featured with a stainless steel sharp blade. The best thing that you will like about this oyster shucker is that it has extra protection on the top of the handle so you can do your job without getting worried.

Furthermore, the anti-slip handle of this knife helps you hold the knife firmly and allows you to shuck the oyster smoothly. Above all these benefits, trudeau knife is also dishwasher safe so you can clean it quite easily. You just need to make sure to keep the blade dry after washing it.

Non-slippery handle that helps you shuck oyster preciselyThick blade
Built-in finger guardMade in china
Easy to clean

4. New Haven Style Blade – Victorinox

New Haven Style Blade

New Haven Style Blade

Dishwasher Safe

For those who are looking for a strong oyster knife that can be perfect for heavy jobs, must try this oyster shucking knife. This knife is very easy to use because it comes with a very smooth handle. So, you can hold it quite easily and penetrate it into the oyster hinge.

Along with that, the blade of this oyster knife is very sharp and of high-quality. It is made of high-carbon steel that makes it a very durable tool.

Blade of this oyster knife is very sharp and can shuck the oyster quite easily.Large screwdriver like handle that reduces the beauty of the knife
Dishwasher safe
Can be a perfect choice for heavy jobs

Things Need to Check While Choosing Best Oyster Knife

Here are some top features to consider when shopping for an oyster knife. Have a look at them.

Blade: You need to make sure that the blade is at least 2.5 inches long with a rounded tip that can help in cutting the abductor muscle easily.

Handle: The knife you choose must have a soft handle so you can’t face difficulty while oyster shucking.

Grip: Make sure that the handle of the knife is not slippery. This is important because sometimes you may have to use the knife with wet hands so a good grip will avoid you from any injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far we have discussed some of the best oyster knives in the market that can help you in shucking. 

However, there are some common questions that people ask about this knife. Here we will give a brief answer to those queries.

How Do We Decide These Products?

While determining the best oyster knife, we looked for all the necessary elements like handle design, guard, and blade tip. We suggested stainless steel blades with at least 2.5 inches which is reliable and long lasting. Moreover, the weight of the knife is another factor that we have also focused on.

Can We Cut Oysters with A Common Knife?

Regular knives have a large and wide tip that can make it hard to shuck the oyster. Therefore, we don’t recommend it for this purpose. Oyster shucking knives allow you better control.

Should An Oyster Knife be Sharp?

The knife tips should be sharp but more important is that the blade should be thin. Moreover, you should look for a knife that is as a minimum of 2.5 – 3 inches long.

Bottom Lines

If you are looking for a knife with a big handle and light weight, you need to go for a HiCoup oyster knife as it can be handy in this regard. Similarly, if you want a knife with a soft handle, a good drip knife by OXO store can be a good option.

New heaven style oyster knife is another choice that is easy to grasp and its blade is also reliable. Give a try to the list of best oyster knife discussed in this article and tell us your favorite tool among the above products.

Publish Date: February 13, 2023

Last Updated on June 21, 2023

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