A Detailed Comparison of Top Cake-Cutting Knives

Best Knife to Cut Cake – Here Is a Detailed Comparison

Every one of us does love cutting cakes. But have you ever created any mess while cutting the cake and disturbed its actual shape? You might have. The reason is that you were not using the right knife for slicing the cake. Therefore, you have to choose a knife that can help you do your job perfectly.

Knowing about the best knife for cutting cake is a good idea but more important is to choose a knife that can help you achieve your task cleanly.

Now we are at the point where we are going to specify some top-rated knives that can be helpful in slicing the knives perfectly. After reading this article, you will be able to pick the best knife to cut cake and avoid any mess at your parties.

Best Knife to Cut Cake – Here Are Our Top Picks

Say goodbye to customary kitchen knives and go for the latest and marvelous tools that can help you cut the cake into pieces without destroying its decoration.

Let’s have a look at all these knives and check the features that make them so special.

1. Cake Knife and Server Set Acrylic Stainless Steel – Adorox

If your cake-cutting ceremony is at a professional level or high-end events like weddings and birthday parties, you must use this premium cake-cutting knife set. This set includes a knife for cutting the cake and a spatula to serve without any effort. So, those individuals who are class conscious must give a try to this knife set.

With its non-slippery handle, it makes you feel comfortable as you can use it with quite ease and serve your guests. Furthermore, its 13 inches stainless steel blade also helps in cutting large cakes.

So, you must add this elegant knife set with attractive crystal handles to your collection.

Server Set Acrylic Stainless Steel

Server Set Acrylic Stainless Steel

13 Inches Serrated Blade

Crystal handles that give the knife a superior lookNot usable for slicing thick pieces
13 inches serrated blade of the knife and 10.75-inch server
The blade of this knife is very easy to clean
Can be gifted as well

2. 10Inch/12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife – Meizhouer

The knife by Meizhouer is an amazing and budget-friendly knife that is value for the money and you must give this tool a try. The knife comes in two options that include 10 and 12 inches that can accommodate you in the cake-cutting process.

This tool is specially designed for the purpose of slicing dry cakes that need a sharp blade to cut. The stainless sharp blade of this knife makes it easy for you to cut the cake cleanly no matter what the size of the item is. If you talk about the handle of this knife, it is made up of durable plastic that offers a smooth and comfortable grip and you don’t have to worry about dropping it from your hand.

So, this easy-to-hold knife will allow you to work for a long time without making you feel discomfort.

12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife

12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife

Budget-friendly tool

10 and 12 inches long bladeThe blade can get rusted
Budget-friendly tool
The sharp serrated edge can cut the thick cakes as well quite easily
The bread knife is good enough to spread the cream

Professional Cake Cutting Knife You Need to Consider

Though you need to keep a cake-cutting knife in your kitchen for special occasions, there are some specific knives that are designed for professional use.

In this section, we are going to talk about the best cake knife for professional use that can be helpful in cutting cakes with great ease.

i. German High Carbon Stainless Steel Professional Slicing Knife – imarku

So far, the best cake knife that you can get in the market for that is especially used by professional chefs for slicing the cake sponge. With its 10-inch durable high carbon stainless steel blade, you can cut the layers of the cake with great ease without creating any mess in the shape of the base.

Furthermore, the serrated edge of this knife allows you to cut the cake precisely and avoids destroying its actual decoration. The thing that increases the working efficiency of this knife is that it comes with an ergonomic Pakkawood handle so you can grip the knife quite comfortably

German High Carbon Stainless Steel

German High Carbon Stainless Steel

Anti-corrosion Blade

The weight distribution of this knife is perfect that makes it easy to holdDoesn’t come with a spatula
3 months refund policy as well as a 1-year replacement warranty
The serrated edge helps in cutting the soft cakes perfectly
Anti-corrosion blade

ii. Premium, Beautifully Engraved Cutting Set –Orblue

Looking for a stylish cake-cutting set that gives a premium look in the hand? Because of its elegant look and shiny finish, it can match any premium and special festival. With its lengthy blade, you can cut large wedding cakes because of its long reach.

Furthermore, the modish spatula allows you to serve the cake to the guests in a stylish way. So, you can make your guests feel special while serving the cake. One of the best things about this knife set is that it is strong enough that it can stand for years without getting damaged.

The knife sets give an appealing look so you can also gift it to your loved ones. Interestingly, you can get this amazing knife set at a very reasonable price.

Beautifully Engraved Cutting Set

Beautifully Engraved Cutting Set

An exceptional choice for a gift

Exceptional quality that can assist you for yearsHeavyweight knife
Stylish finish that makes it a perfect match for any table
13.5 inches long blade so you can use it for cutting big cakes as well
An exceptional choice for a gift

iii. Gold Best Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set – Berglander Gold

The Berglander gold cake knife set is made of the highest quality and its gold color gives an attractive look to the knife and server. The durable and rust-resistant stainless steel of this knife can help you slice soft cakes as well as dry cakes with great ease.

Furthermore, the steel used for making this knife is very sturdy and will not bend even if you apply force to it.

On top of all, this knife is dishwasher safe so you can save your time and do the cleaning process in the dishwasher. It looks very beautiful and it is the best wedding cake knife and server set available in the market.

Gold Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Gold Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Well Balanced

Rigid stainless steel that never bends and remains in the actual shapeThe coating can get removed
Appealing look because of the gold color so you can also gift it to your loved ones
Well-balanced and easy to carry
Dishwasher-safe knife set

3. Adorn Cake Knife & Server Set – Lenox

Spatula with the knife always makes your work easy and allows you to serve the food without disturbing the shape of the cake. Lenox is a considerable option for this purpose as it comes with a handy spatula and knife with a serrated blade that can help you slice the cake smoothly.

Moreover, the non-slippery rigid handle of this tool provides a strong grip and doesn’t allow the knife to fall from the hand. The knife can be used for any function no matter if you are thinking of using it at a wedding or just in the home.

Some reviews showed that people are unhappy with the knife because of its dull blade. So, it is necessary to remember that the knife is made for soft cakes.

Adorn Cake Knife & Server Set

Adorn Cake Knife & Server Set

Non-Slippery Handle

Silver plated gives it an astonishing lookNot useable for a heavy piece of cake or the knife may get broken
Perfect for the purpose of serving cakes at weddings
The durability of this knife set is exceptional
Non-slippery handle that offers a good grip

4. Cake knife slicer and cutter – Bakedger

Don’t you want to know about a knife that can offer you 2 in 1 benefits? Of course, you should and we are here to discuss that amazing knife. The slicer and cutter by Bakedger is an amazing tool that you can use for multiple purposes. You can cut the cake with the help of this knife and also use it as a spatula.

This double-sided knife helps you slice the cake in the shape of a triangle and make the working process easier and smooth, You can adjust the blade as per requirement which means the size of the cake piece can be fixed as per requirement.

Bakedger knife is quite easier to use than many other traditional knives as you don’t have to touch your cake while cutting it.

Cake knife slicer and cutter

Cake knife slicer and cutter

Dishwasher Safe

Adjustable to cut the different sizes of cakesThe cake can fall if it is double layered
Comes with money back warranty
Dishwasher safe

The thing to Consider While Purchasing a Cake Knife

One thing that you have to remember while purchasing any product is to never rush to buy anything without knowing both of its sides. So, when you go to purchase a cake knife, there are some important things that you must consider as they can help you choose the best product among a bunch of items.

Handle material

The importance of an ergonomic handle can never be ignored especially if you have to use the knife on a regular basis.

Such knives with slippery handles will not let you slice the cakes smoothly and may also damage the decoration on the top.

However, if you are planning to use the knife once in a lifetime like at a birthday party or wedding, you can rely on a less ergonomic handle as well.

Length of knife

The length of the cake knives varies according to the size of the item. So, you have to figure out what kind of cake you are going to slice. Most people don’t like to use lengthy blades as they don’t feel comfortable with them. So, it’s your choice what length you are going for.


Spatula is an amazing addition to the cake-cutting knives as it can create ease while serving the food to the guests. Therefore, you have to check out if there is a serving tool present in the set.

Bottom Lines

All the cake knives we discussed here can help you slice the cakes with quite an ease and the spatula with them can be used to serve the cake without breaking it or troubling its design.

However, if you talk about the most favorite and recommended knife set that is top-reviewed by customers, you need to go for the Adorox knife set because of its charming look and low budget so you can consider it as the best knife to cut cake.

Furthermore, if you are looking to cut the dry cake or sponge, a bak edger’s slicer and cutter should be your choice as they can help you complete the heavy jobs. These knives are simply efficient and can be a handy collection in your kitchen.

Publish Date: March 18, 2023

Last Updated on June 23, 2023

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