Knifier’s Vegetable Knife Buying Guide for Home Cooks & Professional Chefs

Best Knife for Chopping Vegetables

Vegetable cutting and chopping is a crucial skills that may make or break your cooking endeavors. The sort of vegetable knife you use is one of the primary elements that affect the caliber of your cooking results. 

There are dozens of vegetable cutting knives on the market, so you need to be careful before selecting one since there are many things to take into account to make sure you obtain a knife that will easily cut through any vegetable. 

This guide covers all you need to know about purchasing veggie cutting knives, arming you with useful information that you can use to make a wise decision.  

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Best Vegetable Knife Amazon

Here are some tips that can help you buy the best knife to chop vegetables:

Don’t Settle for Weak Blade Material

Before you buy a knife for chopping vegetables, it is important that you check out the blade material. Vegetables are moist items, so there is always a chance that your knife will get rusty if it uses a poor blade material. It is best that you buy knives that have a stainless steel or titanium blade. These materials would prevent the knife from all kinds of corrosion. Moreover, stainless steel and titanium knives are also very easy to clean.

Get a Knife with a Sturdy Grip

The next most important thing that you need to consider is the handle material used in the knife. The handle must be comfortable and should have a non-slippery grip. When you are slicing a vegetable like onions, you have to make sure that your hand has a steady grip, or else there is always a chance of accidental cuts. You must choose knives with wooden handles or that are made up of alloy steel material.

Strictly Follow Your Budget

Budget is another important factor to consider. It doesn’t matter whether you are a home cook or a professional chef; you need to make sure that you look for knives that fall under your set budget. If you are looking for knives just to cut vegetables, then it is okay to spend under $50. But if you are looking for an all-purpose knife and if you have a good budget, it is okay to buy chef knives that cost around $100

On the basis of these tips we have reviewed and discussed some of the best knives below!

What is the Best Knife to Chop Vegetables? 7 Affordable Blades

From many top-rated options, we have handpicked the seven most affordable blades you can have in your kitchen drawer. Let us dig into the details of the best knife for chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

1. YD XINHUA Multipurpose Food Chopper Knife

A unique knife with an intriguing design is the food chopper by YD XINHUA. This knife cum scissor is one of the most useful tools that can help you cut and chop all kinds of veggies with precision. The scissor-like design of this knife helps the user dice veggies quickly and without putting in much effort. 

This tool is quite safe and convenient as compared to conventional vegetable-cutting knives. The blade material used in this knife is stainless steel which is why there is no chance of corrosion.

Multipurpose Food Chopper Knife

Multipurpose Food Chopper Knife

Ergonomic Handle

This kitchen cutter is a handy tool, and what makes it more comfortable is its handle. The handle of the knife is made up of polypropylene material which provides the user with a stronger grip. You must also know that this knife has a safety hinge that prevents all kinds of accidental cuts.

The knife is also very easy to clean, has a minimalistic design, and is also easy to carry for picnics and other outdoor activities. That’s why this is one of the best knife to chop vegetables available on the market.

Uncompromised qualityDoesn’t works like a conventional knife
Unique blade materialIt would not provide precise cuts like a traditional chef’s knife
Ergonomic handle
Multiple applications
Extremely affordable
Safe to use

2. Cuisinart Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Knife

This jewel-type vegetable cutting knife is available in different colors and sizes. You can find this knife on Amazon in ten different sizes, from 3 inches to 12 inches. The blade material used in this knife is stainless steel which reduces the chances of corrosion. The blade of the knife has serrated edges, which makes it an excellent choice for cutting veggies with precision. The blade material is non-stick stainless steel which makes it an ideal choice for chopping both soft and hard skin veggies and fruits.

The knife is very easy to use, and the best thing about it is its longevity. You can use this knife for years without worrying about sharpening or straightening it. The 8-inch variant is considered to be the best vegetable chopping knife

Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Knife

Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Knife

Serrated Edges

The handle material is also stainless steel which adds to the overall strength of this knife. Stamped construction and multicolored jewelry design make it a popular choice for professional chefs working in classy restaurants. This vegetable-cutting knife is also quite lightweight, which makes it easy to carry in outdoor cooking sessions. 

This vegetable-cutting knife comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it an extremely valuable tool.

Different sizes availableNo protective sheath
Available in different materials including ceramic, stainless steelColor might fade away over time
Serrated edgesToo many options can be confusing for a new customer
Easy to clean
Different prints
Lifetime warranty

3. MAIRICO Ultra Sharp 11-Inch Vegetable Cutting Knife

If you are looking for an impeccable tool for your kitchen drawer, you can certainly check out this one. This knife is manufactured by the famous brand MAIRICO and is one of the highest-quality tools on this list. 

This vegetable chopping knife blade and handle are made up of high-grade stainless steel material, which makes this knife a strong tool for cutting hard skin, vegetables, and other food items. The blade edges are hollow, which prevents any residual material from coming to stick with the knife.

Ultra Sharp 11-Inch Vegetable

Ultra Sharp 11-Inch Vegetable

Forged Construction

The 11-inch forged vegetable slicing knife also has a secure grip because of its heavy handle. The balance between the heavy handle and the length of the blade makes the tool easy to handle for even home cooks. The thing that we liked about this knife is that it comes with a top-performance guarantee. You can return the knife and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with its overall quality and workability.

This knife is ranked among the best sellers on Amazon and has over 10,000+ user ratings.

Forged constructionNo protective sheath
Ideal for tough-cutting jobsNot ideal for home cooks
Top performance guaranteedThe large size of the knife makes it less portable
Ergonomic design
Easy refund policy

4. Juvale Stainless Steel Cleaver Knife for Slicing Vegetables

This long-handle cleaver is considered to be best for cutting veggies, fruits, and also meat. The blade material is made up of stainless steel and has a full tang construction. This makes the knife very much durable and adds to its longevity. 

The vegetable-cutting cleaver has a very heavy and high-quality wooden handle which maintains the balance of the overall tool. If you are looking for a heavy-duty knife, you can easily check out this one.

Juvale Stainless Steel Cleaver Knife

Juvale Stainless Steel Cleaver Knife

Wooden Handle

The total length of this knife is around 14 inches, out of which the handle of the knife measures 6 inches and the blade measures 8 inches. The weight of this knife is almost 2 pounds which is a bit heavier than the conventional veggie cutting knives in this league.

Stainless steelThe size of this knife is large compared to other veggie slicers
Wooden handleThe handle might feel uneven to some users
Forged constructionBlade of the Cleaver is dull and can get rusty
Plain and sharp blade edges
Multiple applications
Value for money

5. VegLtPro 6.5-Inch Sharp Vegetable Chopping Knife

This vegetable-cutting knife is known to be the best for precise chopping, and this is because of its plain steel blade. The blade of this knife also has a ceramic coating which reduces the need for regular sharpening. The blade length is 6.5 inches which is quite ideal for chopping big as well as small veggies.

The non-porous material is used in this knife blade which prevents dust and bad odor from trapping into the knife. The knife is a healthy choice for home cooks because the knife doesn’t contaminate the food item being cut.

Sharp Vegetable Chopping Knife

Sharp Vegetable Chopping Knife

Anti-Rust Blade

The knife is made up of natural and recyclable material, which is why it is loved by environmentalists. The handle of this vegetable-cutting knife is also very smooth and provides the user with a comfortable grip.

Anti-rust bladeOnly available in white and green color
No odorThe knife comes unsharpened
Easy to cleanIt can break if excessive pressure is applied
Expert workmanship
Environment friendly
Protective sheath

6. Cutluxe Santoku Multipurpose Full Tang Kitchen Knife

This is another vegetable-cutting knife that you must have in your kitchen drawer. This Santoku knife is quite affordable and is considered to be best for home cooks. The knife is designed with special grooves on the side, which assist in the easy dicing, cutting, chopping, and shredding of veggies and meat. The blade material used in this knife is quite sharp as it is made up of German-quality steel.

Multipurpose Full Tang Kitchen Knife

Multipurpose Full Tang Kitchen Knife

Razor Sharp Blade

The knife has a hardness of 56+ on the Rockwell scale, which means that this knife is superbly resistant to rusting and staining. Moreover, the strong forged construction of the knife would ensure that it doesn’t break or bend.

The handle material is made up of Pakkawood, which provides the user with a stronger and more comfortable grip. Along with all these features, this knife is available on Amazon for a low price.

Premium high-carbon German steelThe blade needs to be sharpened before use
Ergonomic handle design
Razor sharp blade
Affordable price range
Lifetime warranty
Multiple applications

7. ZHEN Japanese Light Vegetable Chopping Chef’s Knife

This Japanese knife is another top-rated option that can help you cut vegetables with precision and without putting much effort. The knife has an extremely sharp blade which is why it is preferred by professional chefs. The stainless steel material used in the blade prevents it from getting rusty. The blade is crafted in ISO 9001 steel imported directly from Japan. 

The handle of this knife is also made from a blend of stainless steel and TPR. The construction quality of the knife is quite premium, which is why it is more durable than other commonly used kitchen knives.

This full-tang knife is seal-tight and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion.

Light Vegetable Chopping Chef’s Knife

Light Vegetable Chopping Chef’s Knife

Forged Blade

The knife has a long-lasting sharp edge which is why you don’t have to worry about regular sharpening. The three-layer forged Japanese steel prevents the knife from breaking or bending. You can order this best Japanese knife for cutting vegetables for less than $45 from Amazon. It is one of the ideal tools for professional chefs.

VG-10 stainless steelOther than not having a protective sheath, this best vegetable-cutting knife doesn’t have any cons
Forged blade
Double bevel edge
Frost finish
Full tang
Classical design
Value for money

These seven knives fall under the budget-friendly category and are ideal for home cooks. If this list does not provide the knife that falls within your budget.

But in case you are looking for sharper and premium-level blades. Read out the section below.

Which is the Best Knife for Cutting Hard Vegetables? | 3 Premier Chef Knives

Now that you know about the best knife to chop vegetables, let us list out some of the expensive blades which are eye candy for every professional chef out there.

i. Misen 8-Inch High Carbon Professional Chef’s Knife

The Misen’s chef knife series is quite well-reputed across the globe. This knife has versatile applications and can be used for cutting not only just vegetables but other food items too. The knife is manufactured with premium AUS-10 steel, which ensures long-lasting sharpness and durability. The knife is designed in a blend of both Western and Japanese styles.

High Carbon Professional Chef’s Knife

High Carbon Professional Chef’s Knife

AUS-10 Steel Blade

This knife is available on Amazon in three different sizes, including 5.5, 6.8, and 8 inches. You can purchase the one which you find most suitable.

The handle of this knife is made up of alloy steel which adds to its strength. The design of this knife is quite distinctive as it has a bolster shape. The design of this knife ensures a sturdier grip and comfortable grip and control during the chopping process.

Available in different sizesLittle Expensive
AUS-10 steel blade
Alloy steel used in the handle
Longer life
Multiple uses

ii. DALSTRONG NAKIRI 7-Inch Vegetable Cutting Knife

This best vegetable-cutting knife is designed to be sleek and aggressive. This premium knife has a very muscular look which makes it different from many other options in this league. This vegetable-cutting knife is famous for its high performance and extremely precise push cuts. 

The blade material used in this knife is titanium which also makes it a stronger option in this list. The knife features high-quality carbon material heated with vacuum treatment. This adds to the strength of this knife. The knife is very durable for cutting hard veggies and has a longer life compared to other tools.

7-Inch Vegetable Cutting Knife

7-Inch Vegetable Cutting Knife

Titanium Blade Material

The knife handle is made up of fiber resin which is made up of grade G10 material. This makes the knife resistant to heat, moisture, and cold. Along with all these built features, you would also find a protective sheath with this knife.

The knife comes with a lifetime warranty which is why it is preferred by professional restaurant chefs.

Titanium blade materialHigh price
Resin handle for comfortable gripNot ideal for home cooks
Money back guarantee

iii. KYOKU Vegetable Cleaver Knife Shogun Series

Last but not least comes the KYOKU cleaver knife for cutting hard vegetables. The knife comes with a Damascus steel construction. The blade of this knife is made up of cobalt steel material hardened with HRC 58-60, which makes this tool a high-performing option. The blade quality is quite impeccable, which is why this tool is known to be best for cutting veggies, fruits, meat, and other items.

Cleaver Knife Shogun Series

Cleaver Knife Shogun Series

Ergonomic Handle

Along with the 7-inch straight blade on this cleaver, you would also find an alloy steel handle. The blade and the handle are quite well-balanced, which makes the knife a comfortable chopping tool for professional chefs. This premium knife also comes with a lifetime warranty.

67-layer Damascus steelQuite expensive for a vegetable-cutting knife
Japanese VG-10 core
Hand honed edges
Easy to hold
Multiple applications
Lifetime warranty

This completes the list of the most premium vegetable chopping knife.

Few Maintenance Tips for the Best Knife to Chop Vegetables!

If you have decided which knife to buy, it is best that you read out these tips. By following our advice you can surely prolong the life of your vegetable-cutting knives:

Sharpen Your Knives Regularly

Even if you buy the most expensive knife to cut vegetables, its blade would wear off over time. A dull blade is no good which is why you need to keep your knives sharp at all times. Experts recommend that you hone your knife with a honing rod after every use. This would increase the life of your knife. You can also use the best belt sander for knife sharpening

Keep Your Knives Clean

The vegetable chopping knife is ones that are made up of stainless steel material. Stainless steel is resistant to rust which means you can wash your knives after every use. If you want to prevent your knife from damage caused by dirt, food acid, water, and other stuff, it is best to rinse it and dry it after every use.

Keep the Knife Dry at all Times

An important tip to consider for every knife in your drawer is to keep them in dry storage space. Storing your knife in a damp area would cause rust and stains. So always keep your knives dry and in a dry place.


Buying a vegetable knife is important for almost every home cook or chef. Here in this post, We have discussed ten of the most popular and top-rated vegetable-cutting knives that you can find listed on Amazon. These knives have high-quality blade material and comfortable handles and are also quite affordable. When buying a knife, it is important that you go for a tool that lasts long. All ten knives discussed in this guide are durable and have a high performance.

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Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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