Best Foldable Knives that Firefighters Can Use in 2023

Best Knives for Firefighters to Purchase in 2023

You can get into trouble anytime anywhere. It may happen that your car catches fire or it may also happen with you at home. So, you should have the right tools that can help you in these situations. You can come out of this emergency situation with the help of a rescue knife. These knives are generally designed in a way so they can be opened easily.

The best thing you get from such knives is that you can also open them even if you are wearing gloves. Such tools are built with a good grip so they can’t get slipped with sweaty hands.

We are going to discuss the list of the best knives for firefighters that can be helpful in this situation. Let’s have a look at the list of best foldable knives that firefighters can use in 2023.

Best Knives for Firefighters – Top Picks

Here we have reviewed top knives that can be used in an emergency situation and can help you tackle the hurdles in a better way. You can also find the best spring assisted knife list that can be helpful in emergency situation

1. Traveler Multi-Tool Pocket Knife – Victorinox Store

Traveler Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Traveler Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Reliable Blade

You never know which difficult situation you are going to face the next minute so you have to be prepared for every type of condition. And this knife is specially designed to tackle multiple difficulties at once as it offers 13 features in one place.

The knife comes with a 3.5-inch blade that makes it a handy option to cut the wires without any problem. Moreover, you can handle this knife quite easily even with gloves on your hand. The Knife comes with window Breaker. You can use the blade to cut the glass of the window.

Other than that, you also get some other benefits from this knife that includes screwdrivers of multiple types, a wire cutter, and a bottle opener. With all these amazing benefits, it’s not only usable in rescue operations but also can be used in daily life.

Can be used to break glassesQuite expensive because of too many features
Glows in the dark so you can find it
Seat belt cutter
Reliable blade
A perfect grip that makes it easy to handle

2. CENTOFANTE 3 Prestige Folding Utility Pocket Knife – Spyderco Store

3 Prestige Folding Utility Pocket Knife

3 Prestige Folding Utility Pocket Knife

Lightweight Blade

This is one of the leading foldable knife brands with a lifetime warranty. Interestingly, you can sharpen the knife without any charges. The knife comes with a clip that you can use to avoid falling the knife from your pocket. The handle of this knife is also very attractive and easy to grab. The curves present in the handle are comfortable for the fingers.

It doesn’t end here. The grip of this knife can be used to break the glass. So, if someone is trapped behind the glass, the handle can be used to break the glass for rescuing. The length of the blade is 3.1 inches and can also be folded. So, you can easily keep it in your pocket without any threat of dropping it.

One of the top brands in the industryHigh price because of premium features
Glass breaker can help you cut the windows when needed
Lightweight blade
The stainless steel helps in maintaining the look of the knife

3. Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife – Gerber Gear

Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife

Hinderer Combat Life Saver Knife

Sharp Blades

This is another top-quality knife offered that can help you cut wires in a single go. Its attractive jet-black color makes it more attractive. The sharp blades and the edges present in this knife make it a reliable option in emergency situations. Other than that, this firefighting tool is also rust-free.

This knife comes with a 3.5 inches steel blade which makes it a good option to consider and makes it a remarkable option.

Made with nitrogen that avoids rustDoesn’t come with a protection shield
The large hole present in the knife makes it easy to open even with one handHigh prices
Sharp blades with good cutting performance
Foldable 5 inches long knife that is secure to use

Users often get confused while choosing a good quality firefighting knife and prefer to the trusted brands so that they save their money. Among the top brands, Benchmade is a well known company that manufactures high-quality knives for different purposes.

Each of the benchmade knives comes with a lifetime warranty so you can ask for repair anytime if there is any fault in the material. Therefore, they also look for folding knives that are lightweight and can be carried without feeling any burden.

Best Benchmade Knives for Firefighters

Benchmade is one of the most reliable knife brands that is trusted by millions of people because of their tool quality. In this section, we are going to talk about the best benchmade knife for firefighters that you must try if you are not willing to take the risk of spending money for other brand knives.

i. Benchmade 570-1 Presidio II

Benchmade 570-1 Presidio II

Benchmade 570-1 Presidio II

Smooth & Strong Lock System

There are very few knives that are as reliable as presidio II is. This stylish benchmade knife is very comfortable to hold and can help you cut the wires and ropes quite easily. This foldable knife comes with a pocket clip that you can use to attach the knife with your pocket or waist and avoid dropping it.

One of the top features that makes this knife a better option for everyone is that you can operate it quite comfortably. You just have to push the lock button gently and the knife will open or close.

Furthermore, the knife is not heavy at all. That means you will not feel any burden while carrying this top-notch knife with you. The only thing that you may not like about this knife is that it is a little expensive as compared to other knives. However, this knife is overall value for money so you will never regret spending money on this tool.

Super sharp edge that is rust resistant and doesn’t need sharpening on every usageQuite expensive
The aluminum handle offers a firm grip as well as reduces the weight of knife
Perfect choice for everyday carry
Pocket clip with the knife helps you attach it with your waist and make it secure
Very smooth and strong lock system

ii. Benchmade Barrage Tanto Knife

Benchmade Barrage Tanto Knife

Benchmade Barrage Tanto Knife

Smooth Grip

Barrage tanto knife is an amazing tool for camping, hiking, hunting, puncturing, as well as tactical purposes. Using this top-notch knife, you will get speed and strength in one package. This stylish knife is very easy to carry. So, you can do your job perfectly with the help of this amazing knife.

The thing that must be mentioned here is that this folding knife has a very smooth grip. This element makes the knife non-slippery and helps you hold it firmly. This benchmade firefighter knife is very attractive. So, you can also gift it to your friends and loved ones.

Blade of this knife is 3.6 inches long that can easily penetrate into thick objectsThe knife weighs 4.2 ounces so you may feel pain in your wrist if you use it regularly for hours
Stainless steel maintains the sharpness of blade for long time
The grip of this knife is very smooth so you can carry it firmly
The craftsmanship of barrage tanto knife is non-debatable
Comes in a stylish shape so you can also gift it your friends

iii. Benchmade – 940-1 EDC Knife

Benchmade - 940-1 EDC Knife

Benchmade – 940-1 EDC Knife

Very Light Carbon Handle

This is one of the best rescue knife in today’s market that is durable, detail-focused and versatile. You can use this EDC knife for multiple purposes and this feature makes it an ideal option to use. The handle of this knife is made of carbon fiber and the texture on the handle enhances the grip quality of this knife.

Additionally, the handle is also very lightweight that you can carry quite easily without any discomfort. Other than that, the locking feature of this knife is also very smooth. That means, you can operate this top-quality knife with great ease. One thing that can never be ignored in this knife is that it comes with a very sharp blade. That means you can cut the wires and ropes from this knife in a single go.

Ideal for all the jobsVery expensive knife
The blade of this knife is corrosion resistant
Very light carbon handle that makes it easy to carry
Superb with its built quality. you can use it for the heavy jobs as well

4. Spring Assisted Folding Knife – MTech USA

Spring Assisted Folding Knife

Spring Assisted Folding Knife

Budget-Friendly Knife

This is a budget-friendly knife that can be used for rescue purposes. You can use this knife to cut down heavy objects because it offers a sharp blade. The special features that you get in this foldable knife are that it can be used as a glass breaker as well as for the purpose of cutting seat belts.

The blade of this knife is coated with carbon that helps in keeping the knife sharp and makes it easy to chop any object. Not only this, but the cutter has also a clip on the side that can help you keep it safe in your pocket and avoid dropping it anywhere accidentally.

Carbon-coated blade to keep the edge sharpStiff to open sometimes
Carbide tip makes it possible to break the glass in an emergency situationA thin blade that can even break if more pressure is applied to it
You can use it for rescue purposes as well as for your daily life tasks
Budget-friendly knife

5. 3-in-1 Tactical Knife – Swiss Safe Store

This is one of the best and most selling knives on Amazon alone because of its attractive shape and good handle grip.

3-in-1 Tactical Knife

3-in-1 Tactical Knife

Affordable Prices

Although you will not get the one-handed opening system in this knife, it is still very easy to open so you can use it in emergencies. The knife is very lightweight so you can handle it in a pocket.

The best thing about this cutter is that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee so if you don’t like the knife or find any issue with it, you can ask for the money.

A solid design that makes it secure and easy to useNo sheath or pouch with the knife
Comes with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter so make it useable for multiple situations
Top-selling product with the excellent review from customers
The thick blade can be useful in slashing dense products
Affordable prices

Things to Consider for Choosing a Good Firefighting Knife

Before you go buying a firefighting knife, there are some elements that you need to consider. Let’s have a look at these features.

Easy Opening

Make sure that the knife you are going to choose is easy to open. It will help you work with the knife from one hand and handle the fire situation from your other hand.

Blade Reliability

The blade of the knife must be reliable. That means it should be rust-free and have a sharp blade that can help you cut heavy wires.

Locking System

A locking system is an amazing feature that can help you easily keep the knife in your pocket. 

Good Grip

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider when choosing a knife. It should have a good grip so you can easily handle it while working with it.

People Also Ask

Is It Legal to Carry a Foldable Knife?

This is a crucial question and we are glad to tell you that the foldable knives can be carried in your pocket as it is legal.

However, if you have a straight knife with a fixed blade, it is important to keep it in the sheath.

Which Knife is best for Quick Response?

All the knives discussed are quite good for quick response and cutting the ropes, and wires, and even breaking the glasses.

However, the best among them is the Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife as it has a sharp blade and can cut things very quickly.

Can Short Blades Use for Firefighting?

Well, in our opinion it is not a good idea to keep a knife with a short blade. The reason is that you have to work in an emergency and you never know what kind of situation you will have to face.

It is risky to keep knives with short blades therefore you should avoid it and go for the ones that have a blade of at least 3.5 inches.

Bottom Lines

Here knifier have discussed some of the best knives for firefighters that can be helpful in an emergency situation. The best knife for firefighters on the list in our opinion is the “Multi-Tool Pocket Knife – Victorinox Store”. It comes with a good grip and can also help you cut heavy wires as well. Moreover, it is also usable for many other purposes as it offers 13 features.

You must have an idea which type of knife you are going to choose and for making it easier and for that we have also discussed the tips that can be helpful in choosing good blades.

Publish Date: February 24, 2023

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

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