Choosing the Best Knife Bag

Guide to Choosing the Best Knife Bag for Chefs!

Ever wondered what if I leave my sharp blades in open and kids somewhat come in contact? God forbid, this could be the most frightening nightmare for every chef or even a commoner at a house. 

Storing and carrying knives is not easy for home or professional chefs as these are sharp tools that can cause injury. Keeping knives open in kitchen drawers and cabinets is risky especially if you have kids at home! Getting the best knife bag would ensure not only your personal safety but would also allow you to keep your expensive knives safe from any dampness and other sharp tools.

In this guide, we will tell you why a knife bag is important, factors to consider before buying a knife, and the top-selling knife bags on Amazon. So if you want to buy a knife bag for yourself or someone else, you need to read this guide.  

7 Best Knife Bag & Rolls Under $100 Budget!

Let us dig into the details of these knives one by one:

1. ZWILLING 21-Pocket Black Knife Case

This is high quality pocket knife case/bag that you can use for carrying your knives with complete safety. In this chef knife bag you can easily store up to 21 knives of different sizes. The knife is designed and manufactured by ZWILLING and so you don’t have to worry about any quality issues. 

ZWILLING 21-Pocket Black Knife

ZWILLING 21-Pocket Black Knife

Branded Product

This chef knife bag has separate compartments for small items and large knives. The bag is quite spacious which also makes it easy to clean. The material used in the manufacturing of this knife is vinyl which makes it a safer carrier for sharp tools. 

The bag comes with very comfortable handles so you would be able to carry it wherever you want without getting sore shoulders. This bag is ideal for professional chefs who usually have to travel to different states/countries for commercial purposes. 

Branded productA Bit Expensive
High quality built
20+ products storage space

2. Hide & Drink Denim Style Knife Bag

Hide & Drink is a very premium brand for knives and knife bags. The hide & drink knife bag has a very premium feel because it is made up of pure grain leather. If you don’t have budget constraints, you must try this vintage-style knife bag.  This bag gets four out of five for both functionality and appearance.

The knife bag comes with eight pockets which means there is space for eight knives in this bag. You can store and protect different-sized knives in this role. This knife roll/bag is perfect for all kinds of users, especially executive chefs who want to keep their premium knives secure. It can hold knives up to 15 inches in length.

The rustic leather material ensures that the knives don’t get damaged or get in contact with any foreign substance. Moreover, the thick layer of the bag also protects the user from getting cut by the knives inside.

Hide & Drink Denim Style Knife Bag

Hide & Drink Denim Style Knife Bag

Easy to Maintain

The best thing about this knife bag is that it is handmade. The inner material of the bag is the same as denim jeans which gives the knives added protection. The closure type used in this bag is a buckle which is quite robust. There is no way a knife can fall out of the bag once you have rolled it. 

Premium quality leatherCan only cater to up to eight knives
A modern and rustic lookNo zipped compartment is available
Easy to maintainNot ideal for handling small tools
Easy to carry handle/strap
Strong buckle
Best for professional chefs

3. Shun Knife Chef Bag | 8 Slots for Kitchen Knives

This is another storage bag for professional chefs and home cooks who are traveling. If you are looking for a roll/knife bag which allows you to carry eight knives in a safe & secure way, you must definitely check out this knife bag. This is one of the best chef bag and this is because it is made up of PVC-laminated 600 denier polyester which is a very sturdy material. The bag has padded handles and a detachable shoulder strap which makes it comfortable for carrying during outdoor trips. The bag can hold up to 8 knives in individual elastic pockets. The bag also comes with a zippered pocket which refrains the knives from falling off or cutting through the sides.

Shun Knife Chef Bag

Shun Knife Chef Bag

Sturdy Construction 

This knife bag is also best for students and professionals. This is because the bag provides an extra space for business cards and other writing related accessories. The bag has been designed while keeping in mind the ancient traditions of Japan. The bag is ideal for shun knives which are crafted by skilled artisans. 

Can hold up to eight knivesSome users find the zippers to be of poor quality
Best for students and professionals
Sturdy construction 
Best for storing traditional cutlery
Very Lightweight

If you don’t have many tools to carry or are looking for something more compact than carrying a chef knife bag you can always consider the best knife rolls.

4. Samdew Chef Knife Bag | Professional Chef Knife Carrier

This chef knife bag is manufactured by the famous brand Samdew. The bag is made up of strong VC material which is why it is quite reliable for storing or carrying big and sharp knives. If you are looking for the best chef knife bag under budget you can check out this one. You can find this bag on Amazon and also on the official Samdew store.

Samdew Chef Knife Bag

Samdew Chef Knife Bag

Zipper Closure

The chef knife bag includes two zipper scratch and puncture resistant pockets. Other than this you would also find three small slots and elastic pockets on the top where you can store scissors and other accessories that are not sharp. You would be surprised to know that in this knife bag you can store up to 20 knives other than other kitchen accessories and utensils.

You can store knives that are up to 15-inches in length. Overall the design of this bag is quite practical and ideal for professional cooks, pastry chefs, fishmongers, and even culinary students.

Strong PVC materialOnly available on one color
Zipper closure
20 Liters capacity
Affordable price bracket
Ideal for storing big knives

Best Knife Roll Bag for Chefs | A Few Compact Options to Carry Your Sharp Tools

Here are some of the top rated knife rolls.

i. Everpride Canvas Knife Roll

One of the most popular options you can find today is the Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag. This knife roll bag is designed while keeping in mind the needs of a professional chef.

This knife bag is crafted with the highest quality, thick and waterproof canvas. You can also find premium rivets, brass buckles, and resilient zipper material, which adds to this bag’s overall quality and durability. 

This knife bag is perfect for chefs as well as culinary students who want to put together a collection of their knives. If you are looking for a premium option, then this might be the perfect one for you.

Everpride Canvas Knife Roll

Everpride Canvas Knife Roll

Ergonomic Design 

In this knife roll bag, you can easily store up to 12 different knives without any hassle. Other than knives, you would also find a pocket for storing a meat cleaver. On this knife bag, you also get three small pockets for storing other common kitchen tools. 

The bag is designed in such a way that it can easily fit 19-inch knives in it. The strong buckle on the bag ensures that the knives don’t fall off or cut through the canvas material. In addition to this, you can find knife guards, shoulder straps, card holders, and other accessories which are beneficial for chefs who travel.

Premium canvas materialThe knife roll is not waterproof
Capacity to save multiple knivesCannot carry more than 25 lbs weight
Ergonomic design Only available in green color
Space for other kitchen tools
Best for travelers, hunters, chefs
Durable and resilient

ii. ASAYA Canvas Chef Knife Roll

The second most popular option in this league is ASAYA Canvas Knife Roll. This knife bag is specifically designed for chefs and travelers. The knife roll is crafted with thick Canvas and waxed nylon material which is purposely used so that the bag can last long and tackle common kitchen wear and tear. 

In this knife bag, you can store up to ten knives in individual slots. Other than ten slots for knives, you can also find a large zippered pocket in which you can keep a cleaver or other kitchen utensils. Almost every basic tool needed by a chef can be fitted into this bag. 

The spacious design of this knife bag is what makes it globally famous!

ASAYA Canvas Chef Knife Roll

ASAYA Canvas Chef Knife Roll

Comfortable to Carry

This knife bag is very light and weighs merely 2 lbs. You’ll be surprised to know you can easily carry up to 20 lbs weight in this roll bag. You can carry up to 17-inch lengthy knives in this bag along with a tang.

The shoulder strap that comes with this bag is also very comfortable, which is why the bag is easy to carry. Overall this is a very compact choice.

Waxed nylon materialThe bag might wear away
Name tag slot for identificationSmall knives and kitchen tools can fall out of the bag
Comfortable to carryKnives more than 17-inch in size cannot fit
Available in six colorsNot easy to clean
Adjustable shoulder strap
Value for money

iii. Carhartt Pocket Knife Roll Bag

A very affordable and good quality option is the Carhartt Pocket Knife Roll Bag. This knife roll is made up of a very resilient polysynthetic material that doesn’t only protect your tools but also repels water stains. In this role, you will find 19 different slots for different pocket tools. 

You can keep pocket knives, small daggers, hunting and camp tools, and small gadgets in this bag in different slots. The Carhartt bag is very much secure and convenient for use. If you are looking for a spacious and cheap knife roll, then this might be the one for you!

Carhartt Pocket Knife Roll Bag

Carhartt Pocket Knife Roll Bag

Durable Design

The individual knife/tool slots on this bag have hooks and loops using which you can close them. There is no chance of a tool falling off this bag. Other than individual closing hooks, you can also find a dual buckle which ensures the safety of all tools inside the roll.

The length of the unrolled bag is 26 X 12 inches, and it weighs around 6 pounds. Overall it’s a good option for keeping small tools. Hunters, campers, anglers, and even chefs can use it.

Abrasion resistant material Cannot fit 10” long knives
Can fit up to 18 pocket knivesNo flaps available
Three large extra pockets are availableHeavyweight, so not easy to carry with tools
Durable designNot useful for professional chefs
Value for money

iv. Mercer Culinary Knife Roll

Another top-rated knife bag in this list is Mercer Culinary Pocket Knife Roll. This knife bag has been manufactured by Mercers, which is one of the leading knife manufacturing brands. The material of this knife roll is quite premium and is a mix of nylon & canvas. You would find seven individual knife pockets on this roll with the hook and loop closure. 

The ergonomic design of this chef knife bag makes it a handy option for professional chefs, culinary students, hunters, and other parties who want to keep their knives and other tools secure. 

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll

Easy to Clean

This knife roll bag can easily hold seven knives of different sizes. The maximum length this bag can hold is 12 inches, which is quite ideal. The bag is quite easy to hold and carry, and this is because of its lightweight. 

Sturdy yet comfortable material Knives larger than 12-inches cannot fit
Thick material to protect knives from ripping the rollStitches might come to loss after some time
Seven elastic pocketsNo shoulder straps
Easy to cleanNo room for additional accessories
Elegant for carrying

Need more spacious storage bags? Let us continue the list of the top knife bags for chefs and home cooks!

5. Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Bag | Durable Knife Carrier

This knife bag to be exact has 19 slots in which you can carry different types of knives that are upto 20 inches in size. Other than storing knives you can also find space for knife sharpening and honing rods, and zippered pockets for storing tools, phones, tablets and other kitchen accessories. 

The bag is made up of Canvas material which makes it very much durable and water resistant. You can store sharp knives without worrying about the bag getting punctured. 

Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Bag

Waxed Canvas Chef Knife Bag

Canvas Material

Another thing that we like about this knife bag is that it keeps your contents discrete. You don’t have to worry about someone knowing what kind of tools you are carrying during your trip. The zippers of this bag are made up of stainless steel material so you don’t have to worry about them getting rusty. You would also find a paddle lock with this bag using which you can keep your expensive kitchen tools secure.

This noble knife bag is best for professional chefs and culinary students.

Available in black, brown and khaki colorA bit expensive for culinary students 
Canvas materialSome customers have complaint about the poor quality of the padlock
Manufactured by Noble Home & Chef
Water Resistant
Spacious Storage

6. HERSENT Chef Knife Roll Bag | Organizer & Bag for Professional Chefs

This knife bag is quite convenient when it comes to carrying multiple chef knives. The bag has 14 knife sleeves in which you can store chef knives, pocket knives, paring and carving knives, and other chef utensils. This bag is best for home cooks, carpenters, students and professional chefs.

You can store knives that are up to 20-inches in length along with other large items like honing rod and sharpeners. This bag is quite easy to carry which is why we have added it in the list of the best knife bags for chefs in 2023. 

HERSENT Chef Knife Roll Bag

HERSENT Chef Knife Roll Bag

Travel Friendly

The knife is constructed with high quality oxford fabric material which makes it durable and increases its longevity. You don’t have to worry about the bag getting nicked or punctured while carrying sharp and big sized knives. 

It is an ideal storage bag for campers, chefs, BBQ dads and many others.

Long term durabilitySome customers have complained about the handles of the bag 
Travel friendly
100% risk free shipment from Amazon
Easy to carry
Affordable price range

7. ASAYA Chef Knife Bag | Waxed Nylon Backpack

The last knife bag in this list is the one manufactured by ASAYA. This knife bag is one of the most premium and practical items in this list. The bag is best for all kinds of chefs, students, campers and other users who are looking for excessive storage space for knives and other items. 

In this knife backpack you can literally store over thirty different kinds of knives and other kitchen accessories. The laptop style of the bag allows users to store large knives without any hassle. You would find individual slots for storing chef knife sets and zipped pockets for utensils and other items.

ASAYA Chef Knife Bag

ASAYA Chef Knife Bag

Quality Guarantee

The best chef knife set with roll bag is specifically designed for travelers and campers. The Asaya knife rolls and bags are considered to be the top travel gear for keeping the best camping knives safe in the US. If you are looking for tough, light weight, and durable bags for your knives, you should check out this one. The bag has been handcrafted with stain resistant nylon, it is  built to last through many years of kitchen wear and tear.

The best thing about this knife bag is that it comes with a 12-month quality guarantee from ASAYA.

30+ slots for storing knivesZippers are not of good quality
Roomy and spacious design
High quality nylon material
Built for travel
Quality Guarantee
Padded back and shoulder straps

What are The Benefits of Using a High-Quality Chef Knife Bag?

Out of many, here we have mentioned a few notable ones:

  1. Save your time when packing and unpacking kitchen knives. 
  2. Protect other items in your regular bag from getting damaged by the knife. 
  3. Protection from cut injuries when carrying sharp knives in your bag.
  4. Knife roll bags can carry multiple knives because of their compact design.
  5. Specialized compartments for different knives, which gives easier access.

You can enjoy many more advantages once you buy a decent knife bag. For example, in a knife bag, you cannot store and protect your knife collection, but you can also keep pens, notebooks, medical stuff, gloves, spices, cards, and even disposable bags.

How spacious or useful the knife bag depends on the bag you buy. There are over hundreds of options available on Amazon with distinctive features. But here in this guide, we have discussed the most top-rated and useful ones for you.

Commonly Asked Questions about Knife Roll Bags!

Before selecting the knife roll bag from the above list,  let us discuss some of the commonly asked questions!

What is the ideal Size & Capacity of the Best Knife Bag?

The first thing that would come to your mind before buying a knife bag is the size factor. Now which size you select would depend on your requirements or preferences. For instance, if you have two to five knives you want to protect, you can go for the best leather knife roll, but if you have more accessories and kitchen tools to keep, you might want to go for the bigger chef knife bags. Therefore, you must check out how many knives and kitchenette accessories a bag can carry before buying it. 

What Style Should I Prefer? Chef Knife Bag/Roll

Knife bags are available in different styles. Each style has its advantages and adversities, so you must carefully choose the one that caters to your needs. For instance, if you want a compact storage item, you can go for the chef knife rolls , whereas if you need more storage, you can go for a knife-storing backpack.

What Accessories Can I Store in the Best Knife Bag?

A very important query that most customers have is  whether they can store other accessories than knives in the bag. Usually, chefs would go for knife bags or rolls, which can keep other tools, including scissors, spices, cards, etc. But it all depends on your personal choice. If you want to take a minimalistic approach, you might get a simple roll with a few slots for knives. But if you want to store more accessories you would need to buy a chef bag.

How Much Should I Spend on the Best Knife Bag?

Considering the price bracket is very important when buying a knife bag. How much money you should spend depends on your requirements. Experts recommend always selecting bags that would give you maximum value for your money. Consider buying the bags with the maximum features in the minimum budget. We would suggest you to spend not more than $100 on a knife bag. 

What is the ideal material for chef knife bags?

The last but probably the most important question is about the material of the knife bag. Usually, knife bags are made up of three materials: leather, canvas, and nylon. Leather bags are more durable and ideal for storing sharp knives and other accessories. 

When choosing a knife bag, you must check whether the material used is durable, easy to wash, and, most importantly, whether it can protect knives. It would not be wise to choose bags that cannot prevent knives from cutting through them.

How many knives does a knife bag hold?

The number of knives a chef knife bag can hold would depend on the size or the design of the knife bag/roll. Some bags are big enough to hold other kitchen tools like peelers and scissors while some are small in size and can hold only a few knives.

End Note

Here in this post, Knifier gathered details of the top five knife bags that can be used by professional chefs, caterers, culinary experts, hunters, and other users who want to keep their knives and kitchen tools safe and secure from all kinds of scratches and chips. 

Knives are expensive tools which are why you need to keep them protected. Moreover, it is not safe to keep sharp knives in drawers as there is always a chance of injury. To avoid any kind of mishap, it is best to use a reliable knife roll bag. We hope that after reading this post, you will be able to buy a good quality knife bag that suits your requirements!

Publish Date: February 22, 2023

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

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