Seven Best Horizontal Carry Kniv

Seven Best Horizontal Carry Knives for Everyday Use

Horizontal carry knives come in handy for hunting and self-defense. These knives are a comfortable option for most people. With numerous models and brands to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to get started. With that in mind, we have compiled this guide to the seven best horizontal carry knives.

We have extensively researched, tested these knives, and compared them based on crucial factors such as blade, blade material, handle design, grip, and overall quality. Whether your budget is short or huge, you will find a durable knife that is easy to carry and super-fast for what you need to cut.

You can easily find links to these knives in this article; we have included them in their brand names. So, let’s dive in and find the best horizontal carry knife for your needs.

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The Best Horizontal Carry Knives for Budget-minded Buyers

Keep reading to discover our seven handpicked knives for tactical and survival use!

1. Becker BK-18 Horizontal Knife

Becker is a renowned knife manufacturing brand famous for producing high-value and high-performing knives. Becker BK-18 has a huge belly and nice harpoon shape that comes with a Polymer ambidextrous sheath. 

The thick wedge harpoon shape makes it good for thumb push cuts; you will not feel pain in your thumb as a result. Its blade is made of 1095 Crow Van high carbon steel, which is quite durable. The blade holds a good edge. 

From the edge to the spine, it has a very wide blade. This amazing Horizontal knife carves and cuts well. In addition, it has superb blending.

Becker BK-18 Horizontal Knife

Becker BK-18 Horizontal Knife

Fine Craftsmanship

The handle of this Horizontal knife comes with a standard Polymer driver with two scales. It gives you a firm grip in wet conditions. Most importantly, it fits in large hands well. In this way, you can fully lock this knife in your hands.  

Becker BK-18 has a top-notch balance. Its Polymer sheath has numerous lashing options all the way around. You can completely remove the Nylon or unscrew it for ambidextrous use. 

The button on the sheath holds the knife firmly. When you pop it, it will open widely. It is an ultimate knife that can be carried horizontally with the holster provided. 

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Brand: Becker
Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van
Handle Material: Nylon
Product Dimensions: ‎9.38 x 1.63 x 1 inches
Color: Tan
Item Weight: 14.4 Ounces
Blade Edge: Plain
Age Range: Adult

Fine craftsmanshipThe blade bounces a little bit when placed in the sheath
Sharp bladeNot a good skinning knife
Polymer handle
Supreme handle dimensions
Feels great in the hand
Lanyard hole
Good for piercing ropes
Perfect for hiking, backpacking, and camping

2. Benchmade Small Horizontal Carry Knife – Wooden Handle

When it comes to the best horizontal carry knives, the Benchmade Horizontal knife stands out as a top choice. Crafted with precision and designed for hunting and outdoor activities, this folding knife combines functionality and durability to deliver exceptional performance.

It is a high-quality folding knife designed for hunting and outdoor activities. The knife features a 3.5-inch blade made from premium-quality CPM-S30V steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. 

The blade is partially serrated, making it ideal for cutting through tough materials like rope and twine. Its handle is durable and ergonomic, made from stabilized wood and stainless steel. The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and excellent control, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Benchmade Wood Handle Horizontal Knife

Benchmade Wood Handle Horizontal Knife

Best for Hunting & Outdoor Activities

One of the key features of this knife is its Axis Lock mechanism, which allows for easy one-handed opening and closing of the blade. This locking system is secure and reliable, ensuring the blade stays locked in place during use. The knife also includes a stainless steel pocket clip for convenient carrying and storage. 

Ultimately, the Benchmade Horizontal knife is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-notch knife that is both versatile and reliable, making it an ideal tool for outdoor activities, hunting, and everyday carry.


Brand: Benchmade
Blade Shape: Gut Hook
Handle Material: Wood
Product Dimensions: 7.84 x 1 x 0.56 inches
Color: Brown
Item Weight: 4.75 Ounces
Blade Edge: Plain
Age Range: Adult

Made from premium materialsRequires regular maintenance
The blade is partially serrated The 3.5-inch blade is too short for some users.
Its handle provides a secure grip in slippery conditions
An excellent axis lock mechanism
Best for hunting & outdoor activities

The Best Scout Carry Knife: Top-rated products of 2023

These are three of the top scout carry knives on the market:

i. GCS Handmade Scout Carry Knife

The GCS Scout carry knife is made of one piece of steel that is 27.94 cm long. The fixed blade is made of the best D2 steel. This makes it a truly unique piece that every hunter should have in their collection.

The D2 steel blade of the GCS hunting knife gives it a hardness of 59 HRC. It does not get worn down easily, which makes it a great hunting knife.

GCS Handmade Scout Carry Knife

GCS Handmade Scout Carry Knife

Secure Grip

The G10 handle of this knife provides a secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. Most importantly, it has a buffalo leather sheath that protects the blade when not used.

So it is the best scout carry knife that gives the best cutting experience for numerous outdoor activities.

ii. Ottoza Full-Tang Horizontal Knife – Olive Wood Handle

This full-tang D2 steel knife is made for hunting. It works best for hunting, camping, tracking, and survival. It is 10 inches long, with a 4.5-inch handle and a 5.5-inch blade. You can display this beautiful piece of handiwork when you are not using your knife.

Its handle is made from a mixture of black cow horn and olive wood. Hence, it is easy to hold and gives you a good grip, even when your hands are wet or slippery.

Ottoza Full-Tang Horizontal Knife

Ottoza Full-Tang Horizontal Knife

Made for Hunting

The knife also comes with a leather case that can be worn horizontally and covers the blade when it’s not in use. This knife sheath is made by hand from supreme, hard cowhide leather. It looks like crocodile leather, but it is cow leather.

Hence, it is an amazing choice for many outdoor activities. It is great for shooting, camping, survival, and carrying around daily.

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It is a valuable resource that will guide you in selecting the perfect knife to meet your needs.

From durability to functionality, we have covered all the essential aspects for your convenience. Click here to read the article now!

iii. ALZAFASH Handmade Knife with Rosewood Handle: Ideal Scout Carry Knife

The ALZAFASH handmade knife is a high-quality, multipurpose product that is great for shooting, camping, survival, and bushcraft. The knife has a blade made of high-carbon steel that is very sharp and strong.

The blade is made by hand, which makes it a one-of-a-kind item.

ALZAFASH Handmade Knife

ALZAFASH Handmade Knife

Easy to Hold

The rosewood handle is easy to hold and gives you a good grip, even when it is wet. The knife also comes with a leather case covering the blade when it’s not used.

It is a fixed-blade scout knife designed to carry it everywhere. So it is a super convenient product for people searching for the best scout carry knife for multiple purposes.

3. Spyderco Delica Lightweight Signature Folding Knife – Plain Edge Grind

The Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Horizontal knife is a versatile knife designed for everyday use. The knife features a 2.90″ flat-ground blade made of supreme-quality steel, providing excellent edge retention and durability.

The blade of the knife features a full flat grind, which provides an excellent balance between sharpness and strength. Its blade has a plain edge, making it ideal for precise cutting tasks such as slicing, chopping, and carving.

Spyderco Delica Lightweight Horizontal Knife

Lightweight Signature Folding Knife

Comfortable Grip

The knife’s handle is made of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced Nylon (FRN), which is lightweight, durable, and provides a secure grip. 

Its handle is ergonomically designed, ensuring comfortable use for extended periods. The knife features Spyderco’s signature round hole in the blade, allowing for an easy and quick one-handed opening. This knife has a back lock mechanism, which provides a secure lock-up and easy one-handed closing.


Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
Product Dimensions: ‎‎6 x 1 x 1 inches
Color: Black
Style: Delica 4 Lightweight Flat Ground
Blade Edge: Drop Point
Age Range: Adult

Features a flat-ground steel bladeNot suitable for heavy-duty tasks
Its FRN handle is lightweightIts flat-ground blade requires regular sharpening
The handle provides a comfortable grip
Easy one-handed opening and closing
Its plain edge blade is suitable for slicing, chopping, and carving

4. Helle Stainless Steel Blade Horizontal Carry Knife

The Helle stainless steel blade Horizontal knife is a traditional Norwegian knife that is handcrafted with precision. The knife has a razor-sharp blade. The blade is thick and sturdy, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as chopping, carving, and skinning.

The handle is made of curly birch, a type of wood known for its strength and durability. Its handle also features brass fittings that provide a secure grip and add to the overall beauty of the knife.

Helle Stainless Steel Blade Horizontal Knife

Stainless Steel Blade Horizontal Carry Knife

Sharp Blade

One of the salient features of the Helle knife is its traditional design. The knife is designed to be a multi-purpose tool that can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Another feature that sets this Horizontal knife apart from other knives is its unique triple-laminated stainless steel blade. The blade is made up of three layers of steel. Therefore, it is a corrosion-resistant knife. 

Another feature of the Helle Horizontal knife that gives it an edge over other knives is its handcrafted construction. The knife is made in a small village in Norway by skilled craftsmen who have been making knives for generations. 

In summary, the Helle knife is an outstanding choice among the best horizontal carry knives. Its superb craftsmanship, razor-sharp blade, and resilient handle make it a versatile tool for various outdoor pursuits. 

Whether you are navigating the wilderness, engaged in survival situations, or simply appreciating the beauty of traditional Norwegian knife-making, the Helle Horizontal knife is a top-notch option to consider.


Brand: HELLE
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Product Package Dimensions: ‎10.8 x 2.7 x 1.4 inches
Color: Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.32 Pounds
Part Number: 160411
Age Range: Adult

Handcrafted constructionNot suitable for heavy-duty tasks
Sharp bladeThe brass fittings on the handle increase its overall weight
Excellent edge retention & durability
Curly birch handle
Multi-purpose tool
Visually pleasing knife

5. Poshland TR-1168 Wooden Handle Knife: Handmade Product

The Poshland TR-1168 knife is handmade for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and survivalists. It is a product of Poshland Knives, a well-known knife-making company that has been producing quality knives for over a decade.

The knife has a 5-inch long blade made from high-quality D2 steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and durability. 

The blade has a full tang construction, which provides excellent balance and strength. The blade is designed with a tracker-style shape, making it suitable for various outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and survival.

TR-1168 Wooden Handle Knife

TR-1168 Wooden Handle Knife

Perfect Grip Wooden Handle

The handle of this small Horizontal carry knife is made from perfect grip wooden material, which provides a comfortable and secure grip. The handle has an ergonomic design, which ensures that the knife is easy to hold without causing any fatigue. 

Its handle also features a brass bolster that adds to the knife’s aesthetic appeal and durability.

Most importantly, it has excellent edge retention. The blade is designed to maintain its sharpness for extended periods, requiring less sharpening and maintenance.

In addition, it comes with a handcrafted leather sheath that provides protection and easy portability.


Brand: Poshland
Blade Material: Alloy Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Package Dimensions: 12.01 x 3.74 x 2.05 inches
Color: Brown
Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds
Blade Edge: ‎Compound Bevel
Age Range: Adult

An attractive handmade Horizontal knifeIt isn’t suitable for delicate tasks
Perfect grip wooden handleThe 10-inch blade may be too large for individuals with smaller hands
A great versatile knife
Excellent edge retention
Requires less sharpening and maintenance
Comes with a handcrafted leather sheath

6. Condor Carbon Steel Huron Knife

It is another great Horizontal carry fixed-blade knife designed for heavy-duty outdoor use. The knife has a high carbon steel blade that is 51/2″ long, making it sturdy enough for demanding tasks such as chopping, cutting, and skinning.

The blade has a flat grind and a satin finish, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. The blade is also sharp and holds its edge well. The primary feature of this Horizontal knife is its full-tang construction, which means that the blade extends through the handle, providing added strength and stability.

Condor Carbon Steel Horizontal Knife

Condor Carbon Steel Huron Knife

Full-Tang Construction

The handle is made of walnut wood and features a brass pommel.  Another feature of the Condor Horizontal knife is its leather sheath, which is designed to protect the blade and provide a safe and secure way to carry the knife. 

The sheath features a belt loop for easy attachment to a belt or backpack, making it convenient for outdoor adventures. Simply put, this Condor knife is regarded as one of the best Horizontal carry knives on the market for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

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Brand: Condor
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Walnut
Product Package Dimensions: ‎13.5 x 3.75 x 2 inches
Color: Brown
Package Weight: 0.41 Kilograms
Part Number: CTK2819525HC
Age Range: Adult

An original Condor knifeIts blade can get rusted
Full-tang constructionNot very good for bushcraft tasks
A sleek walnut handle
High carbon steel blade with a satin finish
Comes with a leather sheath
A good functional tool for hunters and adventurers

7. Morakniv Rubber-Handle Horizontal Knife

The Morakniv is one of the best horizontal carry knives for people looking for a Swedish-knife making company. It is a versatile outdoor knife designed for survival and bushcraft activities. It is a product of Morakniv, a renowned Swedish knife-making company that has been in business for over a century.

The knife features a 4.3-inch long blade made from prime-quality carbon steel. The blade is razor-sharp and designed for heavy-duty outdoor use, such as batoning, carving, and chopping. 

The knife handle is made from high-friction rubber and has a textured grip, providing excellent control and comfort during use. In addition, the handle is also ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold and use.

Morakniv Rubber-Handle Horizontal Knife

Morakniv Rubber-Handle Horizontal Knife

Easy to Sharpen & Maintain

The knife comes with a durable and protective polymer sheath that has a belt loop, making it easy to carry on your waist or attach to your backpack. 

The sheath also has a drainage hole to prevent moisture from accumulating inside. One of the salient features of this Horizontal knife is its ability to create sparks using the included firestarter. 

The knife has a specially designed spine that allows for the easy striking of the firestarter, making it a useful tool for starting fires in outdoor survival situations.


Brand: Morakniv
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Rubber
Product Dimensions: ‎13.5 x 5.13 x 1.75 inches
Color: Black
Item Weight: 230 Grams
Blade Edge: Plain
Age Range: Adult

High-friction rubber handle with a textured gripNot a full-tang blade
Comes with a firestarterThe carbon steel blade is prone to rusting
Enclosed in a protective polymer sheath
Best for bushcraft, camping, and survival
Its blade is easy to sharpen and maintain

What should you look for before purchasing a Horizontal Carry Knife?

When purchasing a horizontal carry knife, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right knife for your needs. 

Here are some things to look for before purchasing a horizontal carry knife:

Blade material

The type of blade material used can greatly impact the knife’s durability and sharpness. The blade material of the best horizontal knife can vary depending on personal preferences and intended use. 

However, some of the most common and popular blade materials used in high-quality horizontal knives include stainless steel, high-carbon steel, and VG-10 steel. Stainless steel blades are known for their durability, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance, making them a popular choice for many horizontal knives.

High-carbon steel blades offer excellent sharpness and edge retention but may require more maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion. VG-10 steel blades offer a good balance of sharpness, durability, and rust resistance, making them a popular choice for many knife enthusiasts.

It is important to consider factors such as durability, sharpness, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance when choosing a blade material for a horizontal knife.

Blade design

 Consider the blade’s shape and design to ensure that it will suit your intended use. Some of the most common and popular blade designs used in horizontal knives include:

1. Drop point

The drop point blade design features a slightly curved edge and a point that drops slightly, creating a strong blade that is well-suited for a wide range of tasks.

2. Clip point

The clip-point blade design features a concave curve on the back of the blade, creating a sharp and precise point well-suited for detailed work.

3. Tanto

The tanto blade design features a straight edge and a sharp point, making it ideal for piercing and slicing tasks.

Blade length

The length of the blade is another important factor to consider. Longer blades are typically better for chopping and slicing, while shorter blades are more suitable for detail work. A general rule of thumb is that the blade length should be proportional to the size of the user’s hand and the tasks they will be performing with the knife.

For most people, a blade length between 3 and 5 inches is ideal for general-purpose use, such as camping, hunting, and survival. This length provides a good balance of maneuverability and cutting power.

A longer blade may be necessary for more heavy-duty tasks, such as chopping and splitting wood. A blade length of 6 inches or more can be useful in these cases.

Handle Material

The knife’s handle should provide a secure grip, even when wet. Look for a handle material that is durable and slip-resistant, such as wood, G10, or rubber.

There are several features that the best horizontal knife handles share:

1. Comfort

A good handle should be comfortable to hold, with a shape and texture that fits the user’s hand well. It reduces hand fatigue during use.

2. Durability

The handle material should be strong and durable enough to withstand heavy use. Common materials used in high-quality horizontal knife handles include wood, G-10, Micarta, and titanium.

3. Grip

The handle should provide a secure grip, even in wet conditions. The handle of the best horizontal knives has texture or grooves to improve grip, while others use naturally grippy materials.

4. Balance

 The handle should be well-balanced, with the center of gravity at the pivot point of the blade. This allows for more precise control during use.

5. Ergonomics

 The handle should be designed with ergonomics in mind, considering the natural angle of the hand and wrist during use. This can help reduce strain and discomfort during extended use.

Thus, you consider factors such as comfort, durability, grip, balance, and ergonomics when choosing a handle for a horizontal knife.

Sheath Quality

The sheath quality of the best horizontal knife is an important consideration to ensure the knife is protected during storage and transport and to provide a safe and secure carrying option. 

Here are some key features to look for in the vest horizontal knife’s sheath:

1. Material

A high-quality horizontal knife sheath should be made from durable materials such as leather, Kydex, or Nylon.

2. Fit

The sheath should be specifically designed to fit the knife snugly and securely, preventing the knife from rattling or falling out during use or transport.

3. Retention

The sheath should have a retention system that keeps the knife securely in place, such as a snap or buckle. 

4. Accessibility

 The knife should be easily accessible, with a smooth and easy draw from the sheath.

5. Attachment

The sheath should have attachment options, such as belt loops, that allow for easy and secure carrying of the knife in a horizontal position.

6. Quality

The overall quality of the sheath should be high, with attention to detail in construction and finishing.

Carry comfort

Choose a knife with a comfortable and adjustable horizontal carry system, such as a belt loop.

A horizontal carry knife can be more comfortable to wear than a vertical carry knife, as it is less likely to dig into the side or leg when sitting or bending.

A concealed horizontal carry knife can be easier to conceal than a vertical carry knife, as it can be worn under a jacket or sweater without creating a visible bulge. 

Brand & price

Consider the brand reputation and the price of the knife.

While high-end knives may offer better quality, they may also have a higher price tag. 

Look for a knife that offers the right balance of quality and affordability for your needs.

Considering these factors, you can choose a horizontal carry knife that will meet your needs and provide reliable and durable performance for years to come.

What are the uses of the best horizontal knives?

Horizontal knives, better known as horizontal carry knives, can be used for different purposes. Some common uses of horizontal knives are discussed below.

Everyday carry

These knives can be used for everyday carry purposes, providing a convenient way to carry a knife for daily tasks such as cutting a rope, preparing food, opening boxes, and a lot more.

Outdoor activities

You can also carry these knives for outdoor purposes such as hunting, hiking, and camping. Their sleek and compact design allows for easy portability, while their sharp blades can be used for dressing games, cutting wood, and performing other activities.


You can use these knives in emergencies like natural disasters or accidents. It is the best tool for survival purposes. You can use it for cutting through debris, making shelter, or preparing food.

Tactical operations

Horizontal knives are commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement, and security professionals for tactical operations. The knife can be used for close-quarters combat, cutting through materials, and as a backup weapon.


i. What is a horizontal carry knife?

A horizontal carry knife is a type of knife that is worn horizontally on a belt or other type of strap, typically at the small of the back or on the hip.

ii. What are some significant benefits of having a horizontal carry knife?

These are some of the notable benefits of carrying a horizontal carry knife:

Ease of access

Comfortable carry

Concealing the knife under a shirt

iii. How do I choose the best horizontal carry knife for my needs?

To choose the best horizontal carry knife, you should consider the following factors:

• Blade material

• Handle design

• Intended use

• Price point

• Overall quality

iv. What materials are commonly used in the construction of horizontal carry knives?

Some of the most common materials used in the construction of horizontal carry knives include:

• Stainless steel

• High-carbon steel

• Titanium

• And other synthetic materials

v. How do I take care of my horizontal carry knife?

If you want your horizontal carry knife lasts longer, you should clean it regularly,  put oil on the blade, keep it in a dry place, and sharpen the blade when needed.

In this way, you can better take care of your horizontal carry knife. 

Final Thoughts

The world of knives offers a wide range of options for those seeking a horizontal carry knife. 

The top seven knives we have reviewed offer a range of features to suit different preferences, needs, and budgets. 

These are our top picks. 

  1. Becker BK-18 Horizontal Knife 
  2. Benchmade Wood Handle Horizontal Knife 
  3. Spyderco Delica Lightweight Horizontal Knife 
  4. Helle Stainless Steel Blade Horizontal Knife 
  5. Poshland TR-1168 Wooden Handle Horizontal Knife 
  6. Condor Carbon Steel Horizontal Knife 
  7. Morakniv Rubber-Handle Horizontal Knife 

Each knife offers its unique blend of design, materials, and performance. 

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or simply looking for a reliable tool for everyday carry, a horizontal carry knife can meet your needs. 

It is important to consider factors such as blade material, blade design, handle material, sheath quality, and ease of carry when choosing the best horizontal carry knife for you. 

With the right knife in your collection, you can be prepared for whatever challenges and adventures come your way. Best of luck!

Publish Date: April 18, 2023

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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