Best Grafting Knives You Can Use in 2023

Best Grafting Knife You Can Use in 2023

Grafting knives are often mixed-up with budding knives because of the same shape. But in reality, both of them are different.

If we talk about grafting knives, they are specially designed for gardening activities.

Another thing is that you may get confused while choosing the right knife. Some of them come with combo classics while others are particularly made for nursery purposes.

In this article, we are going to review the best grafting knife that are recommended by experts. We will also talk about the top features that make these knives a better option.

What is a Grafting Knife?

Before we talk about the top grafting knives, it is important to get an idea about them so you can easily differentiate them from classic Swiss knives. Grafting knives look like budding knives as they have some similarities.

However, grafting knives come in a lot of designs, blades, and quality. Moreover, they have a sharp edge that makes them usable for thick items.

Most importantly, grafting knives come with a straight edge while the budding one has a curved edge. You can find out grafting knives with different names as per their usage.

Best Grafting Knife List You Must Try

Now, you may have enough idea about the grafting knife and its shapes so it’s time for checking some top cutters that are recommended by the experts.

Here team knifier is going to talk about the best grafting knives that are reviewed by the experts and top-rated on amazon.

1. Victorinox Grafting Knife – FELCO Store

This is a high-quality grafting knife designed by Victorinox. The thing that makes it better than others is that its straight blade helps in cutting the parts as flat as you want.

The knife comes with a blade on a single side that just looks like a razor. That means there is no need to sharpen the knives on the tilt side. Another advantage of this cutter is that you can sharpen it anywhere you want even on a stone.

The blade of this grafting knife is stainless and its length is 2.25 inches. So, it can be an excellent option for you in the garden.

Victorinox Grafting Knife

Victorinox Grafting Knife

High-Quality Grafting Knife

You can use it for a long time. This knife can be useful for around 1000 cuts.Can’t be locked in the open position.
The flat blade makes it easy to cut the branches in the required shape.The knife is lightweight so it can break if more pressure is applied.
You can sharpen it with any stone.

2. Grafting Folding Knife – Zenport

This Japanese grafting knife comes with a feature of folding ability. That means you can fold the knife after you use it. The knife comes with a single blade that makes it easy to hold and sharpen.

If we look at its overall look and working, it is very efficient because you can get it at a very affordable price.

However, one drawback that is noticed in this knife is that the grip is not as good as the blade’s quality.

Grafting Folding Knife

Grafting Folding Knife

Easy to Hold and Sharpen

The folding design of this knife makes it easy to carry anywhere.The handle of this knife is not easy to grasp. So, you may face issues while using it for the first time.
This knife comes with a 3-inch long blade that can help you make all types of cuts.The knife is lightweight so it can break if more pressure is applied.
The blade of this knife is stainless.

As discussed earlier, the grafting knives are a bit different from the budding knives. However, the purpose of both the tools is the same.

Still many users look for the special budding knives because they find it easy to work with these tools.

Here we are going to talk about the best budding knives that you need to consider for gardening purposes.

Best Budding Knife List for Gardening

i. Victorinox Floral Knife

    The lifespan of flowers increases if they are treated well. For that purpose, this grafting knife is the perfect option as it can help you graft the flowers and small plants precisely.

    With its sharp 4 inch blade, you can easily cut down the branches of plants without applying any pressure. You can easily cut down the hard wood as well quite effortlessly.

    You don’t have to worry about the quality of the knife as it is made of top quality material. Furthermore, it is also designed perfectly so you will not get any complaints about the craftsmanship of this knife.

    One of the best features that you get in this top-notch tool is that its blade is made of durable stainless steel. Therefore, it remains sharp for a long time.

    Victorinox Floral Knife

    High-Quality Grafting Knife

    Made of highest quality materialsVery sharp blade so you have to use it with extra care
    Very lightweight and easy to carry
    Sharp blade that can assist you design the flowers perfectly

    ii. Ergonomical Handle Ultimate Edge Budding Knife 

      You will not enjoy grafting with any other knife more than this professional budding knife that helps you work smoothly and accurately.

      Using this ergonomic knife, you can cut the stems and branches of the flowers in a single go without applying force on the tool.

      The most important thing that makes this knife a considerable option is that it comes with a comfortable handle that you can hold firmly.

      Furthermore, the edge of the blade is designed in a way that it can cut the small buds and not disturb the shape of the plant.

      Ultimate Edge Budding Knife

      sk-5 Stainless Steel

      The blade of this knife is offers accurate cut on the small buds as well as large plants.The knife is bit heavier than other grafting knife as it weighs 178 grams.
      Built with sk-5 stainless steel that increases the reliability of the knife.
      The handle of this budding knife is very smooth that helps you carry it quite firmly.

      iii. Victorinox Model V-39020

        This is another victorinox knife for grafting that is a perfect option for the gardeners as it helps you cut the plants precisely.

        With its 2.25 inches blade, you can slice the stems and branches of the plants quite easily without changing their shape.

        The top thing that makes this budding knife a special option is that its handle is made of brass so there is no risk of breaking the knife. This element also makes the tool non-slippery and offers a firm grip.

        Other than that, the knife is also lightweight so you can work with this tool for hours without feeling discomfort.

        Victorinox Model V-39020

        Lightweight knife

        Brass wood handle that makes it rigid and easy to carry.The blade length is short.
        Lightweight knife so you can carry it quite easily.
        Value for money.

        3. Folding Grafting Knife – Barnel USA

          This knife is for those individuals who love to work with a long-handle cutter. The length of this knife is 6.25 inches and the blade is 2.25 long in it.

          Moreover, the Barnel grafting knife is made of a good quality material that helps you in cutting things smoothly.

          The blade of this knife is made of high-carbon steel. So, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting at all.

          One of the best features of this grafting knife is that it comes with a lovely handle made up of Bubinga wood that makes it very rigid and easy to handle.

          Folding Grafting Knife

          High-Carbon Steel

          The blade of this knife is made of high-carbon steel that keeps it away from rust.You have to sharpen the blade repeatedly.
          You can grip the knife firmly because it comes with a heavy handle.
          The knife can be locked and easily kept in the pocket.

          4. Grafting Knife Rosewood Handle – A.M. Leonard

            If you are looking for a premium quality knife that can be used by professionals, then this knife is for you.

            You don’t have to sharpen the knife frequently because the steel of this cutter is rust-free and can be used for a longer period.

            The handle of this knife is made of rosewood which makes it hard and rigid. You can grip it easily even doing a hard job.

            Grafting Knife Rosewood Handle

            Outstanding cutting quality

            Outstanding cutting quality.The knife is a little expensive as it is specially designed for expert gardeners.
            The handle of this knife is easy to grasp.

            Things to Consider Before Choosing a Grafting Knife

            When you go to buy a grafting knife, you will get multiple types of blades there and it will make it difficult for you to select the best one.

            In this section, we will give you a guide on the elements that you need to consider while choosing a grafting knife. You can also learn about the best belt sander for knife sharpening that can assist you in honing the blade of the knife.

            Multiple blades

            Grafting knives come in multiple styles. Some of them have single blades while others keep multiple blades that may be curved or straight. With multiple-blade knives, you may have to carry some extra weight. Moreover, it also happens that the knife doesn’t get closed which may cause injury. However, you will also get some versatility in blade shapes in multiple-blade knives.

            So, it’s your preference which type of knife you are looking to go with. 

            Handle grip

            The grip of the handle must be strong enough so you can grasp it firmly. If you are selecting a cutter with a bad grip, it may slip from your hand while cutting the branches and may hurt you as well.

            Quality of blade

            The quality of the blade is another important thing that you must consider. If you go for the steel blades, it could be a better option because they are long-lasting and reliable.

            If you further want to improve the quality of the blade, you can go for high-carbon steel that is stainless and also prevents rust on the blade.

            People Also Ask

            Are grafting and budding knives the same?

            Grafting and budding knives are mostly kept in the same category but in actuality, there is a bit of difference between these two. The blade of the grafting knife is straight but it’s a little curved in the case of the budding knife.

            How to use a crafting knife?

            Hold the knife tightly and keep the thumb on the back of the handle where it is matching with the blade. It will help you get a better grip on the handle.

            Now keep the blade on the center of the branch that you are looking to slice and cut it with the blade.

            Bottom Lines

            Grafting knives are specially designed for gardening purposes and they come with several shapes, blades, and materials. There are a few things that you need to consider while choosing a crafting knife. The reason is that these cutters are often compared with budding knives.

            Here we have discussed all the necessary features that you have to look at before choosing a best grafting knife. The only thing that is needed to be focused on is that the blade should be sharp enough that can be helpful in cutting the hard stems as well.

            Publish Date: March 3, 2023

            Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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