Best First Knife for Kid

Best First Knife for Kid | Starter Blades for Beginners

You are the world’s greatest hero to your child. They aspire to be like you. They would definitely want to follow you in their lives, especially when they are in their teenage years. 

For instance, if you are fond of knives, in our opinion, it is crucial to transmit your love of knives to the following generation. It is a turning point in the process of maturing, akin to a rite of passage. 

Computers or mobile phones are never handed down from father to son. Valuable things like knives and guns, which have some kind of heritage worth, are passed on from generation to generation. If you don’t want to pass on your own first pocket knife to your child just yet, you can get the best first knife for kid! 

What is the Best Age to Trust Your Kid with a Knife?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question. Only you can truly answer this as you know your child. Each child is different and has different levels of decision-making, responsibility, and motor skills, even if they are of the same age. Giving your child a knife is basically one of the first and major steps to bestow them with some kind of responsibility. 

If you want to give your son or daughter a knife but are still protective about them, it is best that you find a beginner’s knife. There are over hundreds, if not thousands, of options if you search for the best first knife for kids on Amazon. Here in this post, we have reviewed some of the most reliable options that you can give your kid!

Best First Knife for Kid | Safest Blades for Beginners in 2023

Here are some of the knives that would be an ideal starting option for beginners. The knives we have mentioned below are not only safe but are also very much affordable. 

1. TruChef Kids Knife Set Cutting | Perfect Starter Set

If you are looking for a starter knife set for your child, you can check out this one. This beginner kitchen knife set contains three pieces of Nylon Knives. The set is designed in such a way that it provides safety to children, and at the same time, it builds confidence in them to use a sharper blade. 

The knives in this set are not just meant for training but can also cut fruits, veggies, cake, and cheese. The blade of the knives has a blunt tip which prevents kids from accidentally poking or hurting themselves. 

TruChef Kids Knife Set Cutting

TruChef Kids Knife Set Cutting

Builds Confidence

In this set, you would find one small, one medium, and one large knife. These nylon knives are quite easy to use and maintain. You don’t have to worry about them getting rusty or stained. You can wash and clean the knives in the dishwasher without worrying about any damage. 

The handles of the knives are also quite comfortable for little hands. TruChef gives a lifetime quality guarantee for this set. So if you feel any quality issues, you can reach out to them and get the issue resolved or the set replaced. 

Safe for little handsNot ideal for tough-cutting jobs
Builds confidence
Teachers knife using skills
Improves hand-eye coordination
Expands sensory perception

2. Professional Nylon Knife for Kids – Best for Cutting Cakes, Pizza, Pie, etc.

This portable knife by Josh Kitchen store is also an ideal option for beginners. This nylon knife is one of the safest kitchen knives. It is best for cutting brownies, cakes, bread, lasagna, pizza, and other items. The 5-inch blade is made up of plastic but non-stick heat-resistant material, which is why you don’t have to worry about the knife getting damaged. 

The smooth edge of this knife can cut through all kinds of soft foods without tearing. This beginner’s knife has been made with high-quality, durable nylon material. The knife would not scratch or damage any cooking ware. You can use it on stoneware services as well as on non-stick pans.

Professional Nylon Knife for Kids

Professional Nylon Knife for Kids

Heat Resistant

The smooth blade is very suitable for beginners in the kitchen to learn how to use and deal with sharper knives correctly. Kids can use this knife in the kitchen, and they can also use it as a camping knife.

Easy to useSome customers have complained about the quality of the blade
Safe for Kids
Risk-free purchase
Value for money

3. Kai Little Chef Club Children’s Knife – Best First Knife for Kids

This is an amazing first knife for small hands, and it was made with the security of aspiring chefs in mind. The cutting edge is the only sharp component because the tip and heel are rounded. Children can easily cut celery, bell pepper, and onions without me having to worry about them getting hurt. The blade is sufficiently blunt to prevent cutting tiny fingers while still cutting both soft and crisp items, such as bananas and vegetables.

Kai Little Chef Club Children’s Knife

Kai Little Chef Club Children’s Knife

Plain Blade Edge

The handle has been specifically crafted to be simple to grasp for kids and is shaped to naturally lead a kid to secure hold. Both left- and right-handed people can utilize the ambidextrous handle without any problems. Using this knife can train kids to use sharper blades in the future.

Stainless steel bladeOnly available in orange colour
Plain blade edgePrinted handle
Designed for tiny hands
Good to the child
Comfortable and effective grip

4. Kai Pro My First Knife – 5.25” Serrated Kids Knife for Cooking

Another perfect knife is the one by Kai Pro. This knife is safe for kids and is one of the ideal tools for teaching beginners advanced cutting skills. This trainer knife has a rounded tip which prevents kids from getting hurt in case of accidental pokes. 

The sharp part of the blade is serrated, which makes it a safer option for beginners. The edges are non-slippery, which reduces any chances of the knife getting lost. 

This serrated knife is made with 420J stainless steel for a durable, highly corrosion-resistant blade.

Kai Pro My First Knife

Kai Pro My First Knife

Non Slippery Grip

The handle texture of the knife is designed to be soft and non-slippery at the same time. The handles are best for small hands as they provide a stiffer grip. 

Kai Pro is one of the oldest sword and knife manufacturing companies in Japan, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of this coloured knife. If you are looking for an attractive and colourful knife for your kid, you should probably check out this one. 

Stainless steel materialThe knife gets rusty if you don’t care for it.
Green colour
Serrated blade edges
Non-slippery grip
Comfortable contoured handle

5. AILUROPODA Nylon Knife, 2-Piece Plastic Kitchen Knife for Kids

This is another nylon knife set that is designed for the safety of kids. The tip of the knives is kept blunt, which prevents accidental injury. In this set, you would get one 9-inch and one 11-inch knife. These knives are not only best for kids but also for adults as they can easily cut through different kinds of food items. 

The knife is specially designed to be used by young kids and women who have no prior experience with sharp tools. The knife can cut fruits, veggies, chicken filets, and baked food. The blade of the knife is made of high-quality nylon material; it is resistant to high temperatures and odourless.

You can cut food without worrying about scratching the pan, so you can enjoy stress-free cutting and cooking. The blade of these knives is slightly sharp, which is why we recommend that they be used under supervision.

2-Piece Plastic Kitchen Knife for Kids

2-Piece Plastic Kitchen Knife for Kids

Ergonomic Design

The nylon knife’s back has a reasonable thickness, the handle is ergonomically curved, and the structure is sturdy. The nylon knife handle is quite comfortable and provides a stronger grip. 

When using this knife, you have to keep it clean if you don’t want to compromise its quality. Rinsing it with water and drying it with a soft cloth is the best way to increase its life and usability. The knives in this set are also dishwasher friendly.

Lightweight and easy to carryThe blade gets dull after a few uses
Tough and practical
Ergonomic design
Easy to clean
Giftable item
Two-in-one set

This completes the list of the best first knives for kids, which can teach them professional cutting and cooking skills. If you are not looking for a kitchen knife in specific and want a beginner pocket knife for your kid, you should go through the section below. 

Best First Pocket Knife for Kids? – List of Best First Pocket Knife for Cub Scouts!

There are plenty of options on Amazon if you are searching for a beginner pocket knife. Here in this section, we have listed the most top-rated and affordable blades!

i. CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit – Wooden Pocket Knife for Kids

This knife, as the name suggests, is a wooden kit that is specifically designed for kids. Parents who want to teach their kids knife safety and responsibility can buy this tool. This knife is recommended for kids above the age of 7. 

The knife blade and handle are made up of wood and have a wooden beach finish. The edges of this knife are plain, which makes it a sharp tool.

CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit

CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit


The knife has been designed and manufactured by Glenn Klecker in Silverton. All accessories of this beginner pocket knife have a one-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any defects or quality issues. 

Beach wood materialSome customers have complained that the parts don’t fit
Drop point blade shape
Extremely affordable

ii. Billy the Kid Legends of the West Gun Pocket Knife

This is another popular pocket knife for beginners. What makes this knife an attractive item for young lads is its handle design which is like that of a gun. This folding blade knife is ideal for beginners as the blade is not sharp or dull as the wooden blade we have mentioned above.

West Gun Pocket Knife

West Gun Pocket Knife

Folding Blade

The blade of the knife measures around three inches. The overall length of this pocket knife is around 7.5/8 inches. The knife comes in a metal box which makes it a giftable item. If you are looking for a birthday gift for your young boy, you should check out this item on Amazon. 

The handle material is metal, so you don’t have to worry about any corrosion. Moreover, this knife is covered by Amazon’s voluntary 30-day return warranty. You can get the knife replaced if you find any defects. Overall this is a very intriguing knife for beginners. 

The ideal length for a pocket knifeCustomers have complained about the packing quality being poor
Folding blade
Packed in a metal box
Giftable item
Quality warranty

iii. JIN G10 Kids Pocket Knife Folding Knife 4.5”

This is also one of the best first knives for kids. This is one of the most formal and proper tools to show your kid’s knife safety and, of course, its basic operations. The blade of this knife is sharp, so it is important that parents supervise their kids when they are using this knife. 

The locking blade of this knife is made up of high-quality material which is sharp enough to cut through soft items but not sharp enough that it can hurt you. Still, it is important to take precautions. Lock back system of this knife is the same as a real steel knife. The sharpened blade adds realism to this item and makes it an interesting tool for youngsters.

Kids Pocket Knife Folding Knife 4.5”

Kids Pocket Knife Folding Knife 4.5”


This army green pocket knife needs to be assembled with heat-treated screws. You will get a customer screwdriver which will make it easy for the user to assemble this knife. The knife can help kids cut tape, plastic bags, veggies, and other soft food items. 

Overall the construction of this knife is quite sturdy. The edges of all the parts are smooth. You don’t have to worry about any part of the knife breaking or bending.

Comes with a protective sheathThe blade is made up of plastic material and feels dull after sometime
Conventional American style
Ideal length
Locking blades

Knife Safety and Maintenance Advice for Young Owners and Parents 

The first rule to impart to a newbie knife user is respect for the knife, as the same knife that can be so helpful can also cause significant injury. If not used appropriately, a blade sharp enough to cut a tree branch can be harmful to someone’s safety. If you want to keep your kid safe, teach them how to fold a pocket knife because they will be carrying one around for a long time. This is a wise suggestion for maintaining knives as well.

As for kitchen knives, if your kid wants to be a home cook or professional chef, it is best that you teach them how to cut through different objects with different techniques or get them enrolled in a culinary classroom. They would teach the students how to use different blades for different purposes. 

Fixed Blade or Folding Knives | Which is the Best First Knife for Kids?

In this post, we have discussed both fixed-blade kitchen knives and folding pocket knives. Which one is better for your kid depends on their interest. If your kid is fond of cooking and is inclined towards Cuisinart, it is best to get them a fixed-blade knife. 

On the other hand, if your kid wants to look cool just like you by carrying a pocket knife or if you want them to teach you how to survive in outdoor activities like camping and fishing, it is best to get them a beginner pocket knife. 

In our opinion, however, today, most kids would prefer carrying a pocket folding knife even if they have a sharp blade in their kitchen for culinary art!


Here in this post, we have discussed some of the best knives for kids. If you want to buy the first knife for your kid and are worried about them getting hurt, it is best that you buy one of the eight knives we have reviewed in this guide. All aforementioned knives are best for teaching your young one the responsibility of a knife, and at the same time, they are harmless because of their dull blades. Once your kid is mature enough that he/she understands that a knife is not a toy but rather a tool, you can get them a sharper blade!

Publish Date: May 28, 2023

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

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