Knifier’s Review of the Best Drywall Knives

Knifier’s Review of the Best Drywall Knife

A drywall knife is a must-have tool if you are a pro DIYer or a professional contractor. These tapping knife tools are important if you want to provide clean and smooth drywalls. 

If you are working on a drywall project, it is very important that you get the best drywall taping knives which can help you apply putty without leaving any empty holes in the wall. If you don’t have a drywall knife, you would not be able to get even wall putty and paint for that matter. 

Today there are more than a dozen different drywall knife types that you can find online. Here in this guide, we are going to tell you all about the professional and best drywall knives that you must have in your toolkit.

Best Drywall Knife for DIY | Knifier Review of 6 Top Rated Blades!

Out of many top-rated options, we have handpicked the most helpful ones:

1. Pointed Stainless Steel Joint Drywall Knife 

If you are an expert drywaller, you would certainly know the importance of a pointed joint knife. This knife provides the highest level of precision and concentration.  

If you want to apply wall putty on corners, nooks, and crannies, this knife is the best tool for this job. The flat design of the knife helps in the smothering application of the putty. You don’t have to worry about sanding the wall anymore if you have this tool in your kit.

Stainless Steel Joint Drywall Knife

Stainless Steel Joint Drywall Knife

Stainless steel joint

This tool is designed and built with professional-grade material. The tool is very much reliable and best for daily usage. The blade quality is quite premium, and it is made of stainless steel. This reduces the chances of any kind of rust. The handle material of this knife consists of nylon and has a very ergonomic design. 

The knife is quite lightweight and is impact resistant, which makes it easy to use for both experienced people and beginners. With all these extensive features, this 3.5-inch best drywall knife comes with a guarantee of quality. 

Good balanceNon-replaceable blade
Easy to useNo company warranty
Comfortable handle
Stainless steel joint
Excellent durability
Affordable price

2. DDON Flexible Putty Scraper | Best Drywall Tools

This is also one of the most reliable and flexible knife for drywall for applying putty on walls. This knife is considered to be best for spackling, and this is because of its thin carbon blade. This knife is specially designed for handling smaller jobs like patching nails or screw holes or applying final putty coats before painting. This drywall knife tool can also be used for scraping old paint from walls. The knife is available in different sizes, starting from 1-1/4 inches to 14 inches in blade width. The ideal sizes are between 3 inches and 6 inches

DDON Flexible Putty Scraper

DDON Flexible Putty Scraper

Affordable Prices

The blade material used in this knife is stainless steel and is very much sharp. The blade is quite flexible, and this is because it is kept thin for smooth application of putty or for scrapping. The design of the blade is kept minimalistic, which allows the user to easily clean the knife after messing up the application of the wall protean.

The rubber handle of this knife provides a soft grip to the user. The handles are molded, which provides the blade with more sturdiness. The handle of this knife and the blade are secured with a full tang and heavy-duty rivets, which adds to the overall strength of the tool. With all these features, you would also get a 100% lifetime guarantee from the company. 

Available in different sizesThe blade edges would require sharpening
Affordable pricesNo protective cover is available
Lifetime Warranty

3. DEWALT Big Back Taping Knife DXTT

This knife is another reliable tool that you can buy from Amazon. This knife is also available in five different sizes, including 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches. This tool cum knife is made up of stainless steel material for resisting all kinds of corrosion. The thin, forged blade provides the tool with precise flexibility and strength. The back plate of the tool is anodized, which makes it more rigid. 

DEWALT Big Back Taping Knife DXTT

DEWALT Big Back Taping Knife DXTT

Double Riveted Handles

The handle that you see on this tool is made up of nylon material which provides a comfortable grip to the user. This knife is designed for everyday use and is quite reliable because of its tough and ergonomic design. Here you must also know that the DEWALT stainless steel tapping knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Premium quality stainless steelRequires regular sharpening for the scrapping of the paint
Double riveted handlesNo storage cover
Guaranteed toughness
Easy to hold & clean 

4. LEVEL5 High-Grade Metal Joint Knife 5-410

This is another professional drywall knife that you can have in your toolkit. If you are looking for a reliable joint knife with longevity, you can certainly try this one. The LEVEL5’s 5-inch knife is considered to be the best because it is durable and lasts a long time. The material used in this knife is stainless steel which provides it premium protection against all kinds of rust. Other than the solid blade of this knife, you would also find a comfortable handle that makes it easy to use.

High-Grade Metal Joint Knife

High-Grade Metal Joint Knife

Comfortable to Use

This knife has a complete metal body and a precision ground edge which is why it is one of the top-rated tools in this league. The knife also has digitally welded seams that have been mirror polished for a sleeker look. You would also find a large hang hole which helps the user store it with ease.

With all these extensive features, you would be surprised to know that you would also get a lifetime company guarantee for this knife.

Comfortable to useThe patent for the design of this drywall knife is still pending
Easy to clean Not ideal for commercial projects
Value for money
Strong construction

5. HOGGARD 10-Inch Pro Drywall Knife for Taping

This is another high-quality stainless steel taping knife which is an ideal drywall knife. The knife is quite famous because of its flexibility and strength. If you are looking for an efficient tool for applying gypsum plaster or wall putty, you must certainly try this one. This drywall knife is designed to use against corners without damaging or scraping the wall. The blade is quite natural and designed to be used with complete ease. 

The blade of this knife is quite sharp and has a smooth finish. The straight edge of the knife helps you make straight lines when filling joints and making general repairs. The handle of this drywall knife is designed in such a way that it can be used comfortably for long hours.

10-Inch Pro Drywall Knife for Taping

10-Inch Pro Drywall Knife for Taping

Five Different Sizes

The ergonomic design of this drywall knife ensures that you don’t get any cramps while using the knife. The quality of the knife is up to the mark, so you don’t have to worry about any loss on your investment. You can use this tool for multiple purposes, including scraping paint, applying putty, removing wallpapers, etc. 

The knife is available in different sizes, and it is up to you to buy the one which suits your requirements.

Five different sizesNon-replaceable blade
Affordable price rangeCleaning the blade can be dangerous because of its sharpness
Stainless steel construction
Rubber handle for stronger grip
Multiple applications

6. Marshalltown Durasoft Taping Drywall Knife

This drywall knife manufactured by Marshalltown is the last contender on this list. This tool is extremely reliable, and this is major because of its premium stainless steel blade. The blade of the knife comes with an aluminum backing plate. The steel blade of this knife has an aluminum backing plate that is quite flexible for feathering.

This knife also comes in different sizes ranging from 6-20 inches. You can order the most suitable one depending on your requirements. The handle of this knife is made up of a resilient Dura Soft material which adds to the style, comfort, and grip of the tool. 

Durasoft Taping Drywall Knife

Durasoft Taping Drywall Knife

Dura Soft Handle

The knife is quite comfortable to use, and if you are looking for a tool for long-term use, you must try this one. You can get this drywall knife for less price from Amazon. You will also get a company warranty for all kinds of defects in quality when you buy this knife.

Stainless steel and aluminum blendHand powered
Dura Soft handle Large-sized variants can be difficult to use
Multiple applications This drywall knife is a bit heavier as compared to other contenders
Comfortable handle 
Value for money 

Best Drywall Taping Knives |Three Expensive Kits for Experts

Here we have mentioned a few premium drywall taping knife sets for professionals:

i. Deluxe Drywall Hand Tool Set | LEVEL 5 Drywall Knives

This set has got everything you need. These best drywall knives set and finishing kit contains all the tools which are important to complete a sheetrock job or wall repair. All tools in this kit are made up of stainless steel material which is why you don’t have to worry about any corrosion. 

All knives in this kit are designed and built by professionals who have experience of over 20 years. The tools are considered to be reliable and can be used on-site on a daily basis. The precision ground blades ensure faster application of wall putty, better blade control, and smoother wall finishes. The drywall knives are polished for easy cleanup. 

Deluxe Drywall Hand Tool Set

Premium quality blades

All tools in this kit are durable, lightweight, impact resistant, and offer a soft grip. Users don’t have to worry about getting hand fatigue while using these tools as the handles are made up of soft nylon material which is quite comfortable to hold. If you are willing to spend a premium amount on a DIY drywall handset, you should surely consider this one. 

Professional grade stainless steel materialSome knives in this set are not sharp and advertised by the company
Premium quality blades and handles
Ergonomic design
Lifetime warranty
Value for money 

ii. VEVOR Skimming Blade Set (Best Drywall Knife 3-in-1 Pack)

This is another premium set of three drywall taping knives. In this combo pack, you are going to find three different-sized knives including 10, 24, and 32 inches respectively. Other than the blades you would also find a high-quality extension rod and a portable storage box in which you can store the knives.

The thing that we like most about this set is that all blades are housed with aluminum and stainless steel material. The extension rod helps the user reach higher points on the wall without any hassle. Finishers can get their job done efficiently and well in time with these blades and achieve professional results.

VEVOR Skimming Blade Set

Extension handle

All of the VEVOR drywall knife blades come with comfortable and non-slippery handles which are easy to hold and quite lightweight. The ideal weight of each knife allows you to take control of the plaster amount and ensures a smooth application. 

The blades are interchangeable. So in case if a knife blade is damaged you can get it changed instead of buying a new set. Replacement blades can be purchased separately from Amazon. 

The extension handle that comes with the package is made up of plastic and aluminum material which is why you don’t have to worry about it breaking or bending. There would be no wobble during drywall preparation when you are using this rod with the desired blade. 

This package is suitable for multiple applications. The putty taping blade can be used to apply fillers, caulk, plaster, paint, and for other unconventional purposes like removing wallpaper.

Stainless steel bladesBlades might feel stiff in initial applications
Ergonomic Grip
Extension handle
3 different blades
Multiple applications
Replaceable blades

iii. USG Sheetrock 2-Piece Drywall Knives Set (Taping Blue Steel Blade)

USG sheetrock is another drywall taping knife set for DIYers and professionals. In this set, you are going to find two 10 and 12 inches respectively. The  blue steel blades are quite sharp and are riveted to the holder for better strength and durability. The sharp corners of the knives would help the user cover all unreachable spots without straining their hands. 

USG Sheetrock 2-Piece Drywall Knife

Multiple Applications

Both of these tools are made up of the highest quality for contractors as well as DIY pros. The ultra-durable steel blade provides both flexibility and stiffness at the same time. The handles of the knives are also quite comfortable. 

Two premium blades at the price of oneBlades need to be sharpened before use
Multiple applications
Stainless blue steel blades
Comfortable handles
Amazon warranty


Read out commonly asked questions by contractors and DIY personnel!

1. What are the Different Types of Drywall Knives?

There are different types of drywall knives that are meant for different purposes:

Drywall Taping Knives

A drywall taping knife is also known as the finishing knife which is used for spreading drywall mud. You can also use this kind of knife for applying joint compounds on walls. These knives are generally used at the end of a drywall project as they can cover seams, taper out bumps and fill hollows in walls. 

Putty Knives

A putty drywall knife is a very versatile tool. These knives can range between 2 to 6 inches and can also come in different shapes. These knives are generally used for applying wall putty, scraping paint, filling nail holes and even opening boxes or cans.

Joint Knives

Joint Knives are similar to taping knives but are smaller in size and have a similar shape to that of a putty knife. These are used to cover drywall joints and dips. 

2. How to Keep the Best Drywall Knife from Rusting?

Drywall knives are important for all kinds of drywall projects. These knives can get rusty if not properly cared for. To save your knives from all kinds of rust and stains it is best that you always clean them after use. You can rinse them with water and can dry them with a clean rag. It would be best if you could lubricate the knife with vegetable oil or mineral oil when putting it away for a longer time. 

3. Will Using the Wrong-Sized Drywall Knife Ruin Your Wall?

If you are an experienced drywall contractor you would certainly know the importance of using the right sized drywall. The good news is that using the wrong or odd size drywall knife blade would not damage your wall but would certainly increase your workload. This is why experts recommend that you always use the best-size drywall knife.


Here in this post, we have listed the six best drywall knife hand tools in an affordable budget range that you can find listed on Amazon. Other than these we have also listed three complete kits that fall under the premium range. These tools are best for scraping paint, filling damaged wall holes, applying wall putty, and many others. If you are looking for affordable and durable tools for DIY or for your professional contracts, you can easily pick one of the afore-listed knives. All of the listed options are sturdy, easy to use, and have a good life. You can find information about many more knives if you stay tuned with Knifier.

Publish Date: March 30, 2023

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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